Ways to Make Raksha Bandhan Special for Your Brother

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is special for everyone. It just becomes a little more special when you realize that you have someone who will always be there taking care of you. We have our fights with our brother and at times we steal each other’s pens and various other things like shirts and the sweets that he loves.  

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There are times when we go through the phases of our life and from the childhood which involves us being jealous of the attention that our brother is getting to the time in teenage years when either we have to teach him the lessons of life or learn the lessons that are being taught by him and the phase where we are separated from our dear sibling because of work, pursuing higher studies somewhere or the marriage. Home here become a point where we are excited to go and Raksha Bandhan happens to be one such occasion out of many other occasions to cherish the bonds and the plans you made against the cruel relatives while also reminiscing the memories of the trips that you all took in the summer or winter together.  Maybe you still are thinking about the favorite vase that you broke that day and how its broken pieces are still hidden in the back yard where no one can find them. 

Although your brother maybe a little annoying but let us make sure that this Raksha Bandhan has that million-dollar smile on his face and is cherishing that moment forever. 

1.Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts 

Handmade gifts are just beautiful. The best part with handmade gifts is that they always remind the person of the effort that you have put in the. They may be flawed at times but the fact that you tried proves it all. You don’t have to worry about what you want to make for them you can always try for the DIY tutorials 

2.Handmade Rakhi

You can always make the handmade rakhi for them and that is one rakhi which is going to be cherished forever. A rakhi is quite simple to make, all you need are some glue, scissors, a ribbon with the beads and stickers. You can also Send Flowers to Patna.

You can also go for 

  • Engraved Rakhis

You can always get the message that you want to convey engraved on the rakhi, like “world’s best brother” and present them the rakhi. They are just going to be so happy about it. 

  • Photo Rakhis

Remember the lockets that had the picture of the loved inside them. These rakhis are just so beautiful in which you can get a small photo of you and your brother on the rakhi. Amazing, right? 

He is going to be surprised by the innovation that you have done with the rakhi. 

3.Party with Siblings

Party with Siblings

Raksha Bandhan is one occasion where you all meet and enjoy the time that you have together. it is time for you all the siblings to let their hair down and enjoy the after-party together. We all know many cousins are always missing from the marriages, functions and birthdays that are there. This is the perfect time for a get to gather with them.

4.Homemade Ladoos

Ladoos at the end of the ritual we are left with the exchanging of happiness which is symbolized by exchanging ladoos. You can always make their favorite sweets at home and surprise them by telling them that you made them. 

5.Photo Cakes

Although, the ritual ends with exchanging sweets as I said maybe this year go for something different. Photo cakes are just an amazing option when it comes to showing love through actions. Photo cakes would have your best memory on it and you can just express through a photo cake freely. The cake’s picture is going to be his phone’s wallpaper and that Raksha Bandhan will be a special moment for him. 

6.Spend Some Time Together

Time is the greatest gift you can gift your give to your brother. With our schedules being packed we are not able to spend time with the family and our brother for that matter. The best part of the festival holiday is the day together you get to spend together.

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