Up And Coming Managed IT Services Trends In 2022

Managed IT Services

Technology is one of the most integral parts of companies and corporations. However, the more pieces of it they use, the more challenging it becomes to manage. That’s where managed IT services are helpful.

Managed IT services are the technology services businesses can receive from an external IT partner. They provide IT-related services and manage them for data-driven enterprises, which make up most industries nowadays. Any business with an IT infrastructure can benefit from managed services providers (MSPs).

Managing IT services must adapt since they tackle a multi-faceted and constantly changing world. These businesses always have things to look forward to and expect. Take a peek at some of them in this blog about up-and-coming managed IT services trends in 2022.

Cloud and automation will be at the forefront of managed IT

The need for managed IT services is ever-increasing, and apparently, MSPs have found a way to address them. They come in the form of cloud-native solutions and automation. Thus, it’s expected that both will take center stage in 2022.

One primary benefit that a managed services provider can enjoy with cloud computing and automation is their capability to scale on-demand. In addition, cloud storage also prevents the risk of data loss in the event of downtime. And, of course, automation reduces manual error.

More MSPs will use a cybersecurity mesh

In 2022, it’s predicted that more MSPs will use a cybersecurity mesh. It’s a cyber defense strategy that independently secures each device with its own perimeter. It’s a more holistic approach than the common security practice of using a single perimeter for an entire IT environment.

A cybersecurity mesh ensures safety beyond physical boundaries. This is an optimal security measure for businesses that implement remote work setups. Its popularity also signals the expanding scopes of digitization that will be in tandem with the benefits managed IT services bring to the table.

The proliferation of application performance monitoring

The need to match deployment and development speed continues to increase because more businesses want to deliver their services to their customers through applications brought upon by the push towards digitization. Hence, managed IT services will do more application maintenance and support services. Therefore, those services will be more pivotal for them this year.

More MPS will lean on application performance monitoring (APM) and related solutions because it will help them analyze business problems better. APM provides developers with a quick feedback mechanism to address possible issues. Other related ones include front-end monitoring which is used for studying user behavior.

Emerging partnering models will gain more momentum

Continuous evolution will persist in 2022 in terms of how MSPs work with customers and vendors. This is brought about by emerging partnering models like co-innovation, which will be on the rise. In co-innovation, outcomes will guide projects rather than traditional service-level agreements.

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Furthermore, a co-innovation partnership between a technology vendor and an MSP is a collaboration aimed to create an offering for customers. An example of it could be a co-created vertical niche application built on a public cloud solutions provider’s platform. Co-creation can also take place between MSP partners and their customers when a client seeks to launch a new product or service faster than they could on their own.

Wrap up

These will drive what the foreseeable future will look like for MSPs and their customers. As it stands, more improvements will take place, which means 2022 may be the start of something better for managed IT customers.


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