Two Decades Of The Fiat Doblo

    Fiat Doblo

    The Fiat Doblo has only two seven generations of models that span over 2 decades, which is a fairly rare occurrence in the automotive industry.

    Fiat Doblo A little History

    October 2000 was the first launch of Fiats first leisure activity vehicle and panel van. The Italian carmaker released the first models to the public at the Paris Motor show. The van version of the Doblo can carry over 1600 lb, which is unique to a van of this size, this is due to using the Fiat Strada’s running gear which was in turn used the Fiat Palio running gear.

    Interesting Facts

    1. Fiat was established in Turin Itlay in 1899 and was originally called the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino.
    2. The Fiat automotive company headquarters is still in Turin Italy.
    3. Although Fiat is known for manufacturing cars, they also make other transportation including military vehicles, aircraft, railway carriages, engines, and some tractors.
    4. Fiat mainly build their cars in Italy, but Brazil is the second-largest exporter of Fiat products.
    5. Of all the aircraft Fiat has made, the G55 is known to be the best Fiat has manufactured.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a Fiat Doblo? The Fiat Doblo is a leisure activity vehicle and panel van and was first released by the Fiat motor company in 2000.
    2. Is the Fiat Doblo a good van? The Fiat Doblo is one of the most competitive vans available, it has great fuel economy and is a very reliable vehicle.
    3. Are Fiat Doblo’s reliable? The Fiat Doblo has a very reliable engine and has been a proven engine range, as it has been used throughout Fiats range.
    4. What engine is in Fiat Doblo? The engine range within the Doblo includes the 1.6 liter 105bhp and the more powerful 2.0 liter.
    5. How big is a Fiat Doblo? The Doblo is a very large van for its class, it measures 4,406mmlong and 1,836mm wide.

    Common Problems

    1. Rear door handle: In the event that you have seen that the handles on the back entryway are not functioning as they should, they are known to flop on these vehicles. You should fit substitution handles to determine the issue.
    2. Suspension: You may have seen that the vehicle is listing to the other side, which is normally brought about by broken leaf springs. You should fit new leaf springs to determine the issue.
    3. Starting: In the event that your vehicle is experiencing difficulty beginning, at that point a typical issue on the Fiat Doblo is for the high-pressure siphon sensor to come up short. You should fit a substitution high-pressure siphon sensor to sift through this issue. Watch the video to perceive how to test this sensor.
    4. Bumping Noise: It is known on these vehicles for the back knock stops over the back springs to come up short, which thus prompts the vehicle meandering while cornering. You may likewise hear a knocking commotion from the rear of the vehicle. You should supplant the back knock stops to fix this issue.
    5. Central locking: The focal locking should open the back entryways, yet this can bomb now and then on the Doblo. The reason for this issue is a plastic piece on the remote locking engine getting broken. Be cautious when stacking substantial things as this can break the plastic piece on the locking engine, rendering the focal bolting on this entryway to breakdown. You could get a metal piece fitted which would be more grounded and longer enduring, however, when you load the vehicle in future you have to ensure that there is nothing inclining toward the engine. This can break the piece and stop the focal locking taking a shot at these entryways.
    6. Knocking noise: On the off chance that you are hearing a thumping commotion originating from the wheels, especially while cornering, it will in all likelihood be a wrecked wheel bearing. They are known for breaking too rapidly on these vehicles. You should supplant the defective wheel bearing to fix the issue.

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    How To Repair A Fiat Doblo

    Despite the Fiat Doblo having a good reputation for reliability, it does have its fault as outlined above. To resolve these problems consider taking the Doblo into an official Fiat dealer, but this can become a very expensive option, of the problems persist. The best and cheapest way to repair Fiat Doblo problems is to attempt the repair yourself, this can be done by downloading the Fiat Doblo workshop manual from RepairBooks. These workshop manuals can contain thousands of pages of information, including detailed illustrations and step by step tutorials.


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