Tea Tales: Teaware and the Benefits Tea Drinkers Enjoy


Like with all things, the right tools pave the way for success. The same applies in the case of tea tools. One needs to have all the necessary teaware to brew that perfect cuppa. Some examples of tea tools include

  • Teapot
  • Electric Teamakers
  • Thermal cups
  • Strainer
  • Infusers
  • Tea trays
  • Teacups

When James Inglis first introduced tea in Australia, little did he know how much people would love this beverage. Today, people fall head over heels in love with tea for its innumerable health benefits and simply the comfort it offers in a cup.


Tea drinking has been around for centuries, and there is good reason to support this behaviour. Several research studies have proven that tea boosts immunity, fights inflammation, and can even minimise the risk of cancer and heart ailments.

Types of Teapots:

There are several options when it comes to picking a teapot, starting from glass to highly durable cast iron.

Ceramic and Porcelain teapots:

They have a certain vintage allure that most people love. They also carry stunning hand-painted art that makes each piece unique. However, these are easily breakable, and one has to take the utmost care possible.

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Tea lovers usually save their ceramics for special occasions and do not take them out with kids around.


These and clay teapots are famous for brewing special kinds of tea like white tea, for instance. The porous nature of the clay sufficiently absorbs the aroma and flavor of the tea.

It is used widely in China, and they feel tea tastes good when brewed in clay pots. The beverage tastes richer and develops more nuanced flavours when made this way. People also choose to brew tea in clay pots that are sometimes hundreds of years old to temper it and keep it from breaking.

Tea time just got easier. With the press of a button, you can have your brew turn out exactly as you like it. The Hiware Glass Teapot boils up to 1,000 milliliters of water and keeps it warm until you’re ready to pour. Right now, it’s on sale from $30 to just $20 with on-page coupon at Amazon. Handy presets for different types of tea — black, herbal, oolong, white and green — ensure a perfect cup every time. And this compact appliance is easy on the eyes, too.

Glass teapots:

It is an excellent choice for those who want their tea-making process to be visually appealing. The aesthetics of glassware, the light playing on it, and the glistening liquid in it make the experience divine. Usually, the ones made with borosilicate glass can withstand rough use and are sturdier.

There are also double-wall glass teapots for an even more durable option. People only brew flowering or iced teas in it as one cannot put it over the stove. So it is mainly for presentational purposes. One can make the in a cast iron pot and then transfer it to a glass pot when guests come over.

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Cast Iron Teapots:

These are probably the most used and are heavy-duty appliances. They withstand wear and tear better than the other options mentioned above. They are a practical, daily-use addition to any kitchen.

Those that have enamel lignin lend themselves to use over stovetops. Stainless steel is an alternative to cast-iron ones. One can use it over the stove directly as these have high heat retention. It is easy to clean them, and it works with dishwashers.

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Bonus Party Idea: 

One can make a whole evening out of it by setting up an afternoon tea party once in a while. It is a break from the same-old “music and booze” parties that happen all the time. Having a tiered-tea stand and finger sandwiches will make it an occasion worth remembering.

So no matter which tea one is making-black, Hibiscus tea or chamomile tea. Having the right tea tools and ingredients is indispensable for a healing cup of tea. Enjoy them for their health benefits and calming effects.


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