Everything You Need to Know About Seiko Prospex Trivia


Seiko rings a bell. Why so? It is one of the most prolific horological brands in the world. It has precision and a timeless style that is easy to pair with most outfits. The watches are incredibly versatile as far as custom designs and “wearability” are concerned; they have also appeared in plenty of Hollywood movies. Seiko is a winning choice for fashion, sports, driving, and Hollywood movies. The equation here is simple – buy a Seiko if you want to look fabulous.

The Meaning 

In the late 1880s and beginning of the 1890s, the Seiko founder Kintaro Hattori opened his very own factory, which he named Seikosha. Seikosha meant “precise.” Seikosha, as a name, happened to align with a watch manufacturer that strived to make high-quality wristwatches with great accuracy. The name Seiko that we know today serves its name from the name of the factory. The name was shortened for the watch brand to make it more memorable and to look better on a watch dial.

Rich History

The Seiko Prospex has a rich history. Since introducing its pioneering dive watch in 1965, Seiko watches have maintained a rich legacy steeped in exploring the world’s harshest environments. This adventurous spirit led to the creation of a long-running series of watches whose “professional specifications.” It is called “Prospex,” for short. The adventurous quality of Seiko Prospex eventually endeared them to those who sought the venerable Japanese brand’s philosophies of unerring quality, the importance of attention to detail, and dependability.

Beacon Of Style

Seiko is legendary as far as craftsmanship is concerned. Seiko’s revered collection boasts some of the most elegant quartz watches in the market. Seiko’s elegant quartz watches and other models are built with dedication and passion. There are many ideas, features, and innovations to satisfy every type of watch lover – guaranteed, given Seiko’s large roster and propensity for diversity in design and function. 

Notable Watches

The most notable Seiko Prospex watches include the following:

Seiko Dial Stainless Steel Automatic

Searching for a tempered steel watch? If so, the Seiko Dial Stainless Steel Automatic may be for you. It is a steel watch with a dark case. Thanks to its dark case, its aesthetic may be more easygoing. Although it may resemble a luxurious watch, its price is generally moderate. The Seiko Black games watch, nicknamed the “Ocean Urchin,” possesses a 44mm case with a tempered steel case, a skeleton case back, and a dark dial. 

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Seiko Men’s Excelsior Chronograph

The Seiko Men’s Excelsior Chronograph is perfect for those who are searching for something that is something marginally greater. This renowned watch is a 43mm watch that has gotten acclaim among new customers and watch enthusiasts worldwide for its precise structure, power capacity, and cost. For those with large wrists, the Seiko Dial Stainless Steel Automatic has a functional design that will suit you. It is also a dress watch, which can complement and brighten up your outfit of choice. The watch’s three (3) sundials include a next counter, an hour-long chronograph clock, and an alert.


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