Salient Features Of Diamond Helpful In Purchasing 

    Features Of Diamond

    Diamond is Aries Birthstone and it is the stone of those personalities that have a date of birth between the 20 March and 21 April. Its symbol is RAM that does every action with its head. There are many myths associated with this gemstone but this stone is also worn by the people that are not Aries for personal adornment because of its rarity and heart touching beauty. In this article, you will read about the salient features of diamond helpful in purchasing.

    Despite many legends that are accepted by Aries, there are some technical attributes of the Aries Birthstone that are the main cause for the attraction of logical people that are listed here.

    Cut Trait

    A scientific formula is derived for engraving a cut on the diamond so that a ray of light entered from one surface of the diamond is reflected many times from other sides like a mirror produced by each CUT. Because of this scientific phenomenon, a diamond often sparkles and produces brilliance and fire in its look. 

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    Too deep or shallow CUT leaks the light from its sides results in low-level brilliance or sparkling in a diamond. Diverse types of CUTS applied on the diamonds are round, square, pear, and heart.

    Color Attributes

    Different alphabetical grades are defined for the color attributes, to differentiate one diamond from other for cost and brilliance

    • Colorless diamonds are in the range of D, E, and F grades. These diamonds are very expensive and rare.
    • There is another type of diamonds that have resemblance with the clear glass and it is very near to colorless attribute having grade range G or H
    • H, J, and K range of diamond appear very white when they are embedded in the jewelry. On these diamonds, faint tints are often observed
    • L to N range of diamond have resemblance with the light corn oil
    • T to Z range diamonds are light yellow with yellow tints on their surfaces

    Clarity Mark

    Clarity of the diamond is one main trait in diamonds on the foundation of which one may distinguish one diamond from the other one. These clarity concerned attributes have the names inclusions and blemishes. Inclusion relates to the exterior characteristics of diamond whereas blemishes are related to the interior traits of the diamond. There is variation in inclusions that is from minor pinpoint to cracks and in the same manner dynamics of the blemishes range from small nicks to larger cracks. This is one of the most important Features Of Diamond.

    Diverse type of Inclusions

    There are some internal characteristics of a diamond that are given below

    • Diamond is pure carbon and the term “ dark included crystal “ is used for this gemstone
    • Some pinpoints are observed in the diamond that has resemblance with tiny specks on magnification.
    • Feathers appear in the internal structure of the diamond that has the same look as frail birds feathers have. Cleavages and fractures are observed in the diamonds that are the signs of durability. 


    Most people relate the Carat of diamond with its size of the diamond but it is a unit of measurement of the weight of the diamond. The following is standard for carat

    1 CARAT = 200  mg

    CARAT may also be defined as

    1 CARAT = 100 Points

    We are advising you that keep in mind above all Features Of Diamond when you make a plan to purchase a diamond stone or diamond jewelry. 


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