Roof Repair Guide: How to Find and Fix a Leaking Roof

Roof Repair Guide

It is really difficult to find out the root cause of roof leaks. If you want to find the reason behind then either you can contact a roof expert or you can do it by yourself by using your assumptions. This article is a Roof Repair Guide which will help you in troubleshooting roof problems.

Usually water leaks through broken, work or missing shingles. Moreover, this problem can occur if the nails are loose, vents are not properly sealed or in case of chimneys and sun roof. Once the water flows on the roof and spreads over it then it can drop down if it finds a way like any holes or cracks. These tiny drops are enough to damage your furniture or house appliances over the night. This guide from Roof Leak repair NJ will help us to better understand the problem and its solution.

》How to find out the causes of leakage

It is really important to find out the root cause as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can turn into a major problem in future. So here we will tell you about how to find out the roof leakage. There are basically two of the very basic and easiest ways to find the leakage which are as follows:

  • With The Help Of Sunlight

This is the easiest traditional method of finding a roof leakage. You just have to wait for a mid-day to get sunlight directly on the roof. Then close all the doors and windows to make extreme darkness inside the house. After that, when the sunlight hits the roof then all the small holes and cracks will be easily visible because the sun rays will enter the house through those holes. This is how you can easily find out about the leakage and can fix them. This method is one of easiest and fastest methods to find the leakage source.

However, there are some drawbacks of this method. It is difficult to perform this method if the house is in a shadowy area. During rainfall we don’t get sunlight often so it’s not useful in such weather. It will not give an accurate results if the leakage is happening due to intersections.

  • With The Help Of Water

This method is very accurate and suitable in all conditions. You have to devide roof in different small sections and then shower some water on each portion to find out the accurate source of leakage. You are going to required atleast two persons for this task. One who is showering water on the roof and the other one who is going to check the leakage from inside.

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This method is very accurate and useful but its really very time consuming. Especially, if the area of the roof is wider then you will have to do a lot of struggle to find out the leakage sources.

》How To Fix The Roof Leakage

If you have successfully found the causes behind roof leakage then time has come to fix it. There are certain ways to stop roof leakage and here we are going to tell you about some of the very easy and effective ways of fixing the leakage problem.

  • If the leakage is happening due to the small holes and cracks on the roof then you can use some metal or hard plastic pieces to take care these holes or cracks. Such pieces can be easily found in your home store room or you can buy them at any hardware store at a very low cost. However, This method is useful if the problems are within a small area and in limited numbers. If there are numerous holes all over the roof then it will be really difficult to fix the leakage by applying this method because it will take a lot of time as well as cost.
  • Using a large poly carbonate or metal sheets is the another solution to counter the leakage problem. If the leakage problem is all over the roof and the previous method doesn’t seem useful then you can use this method. Its the more accurate and cost effective method if you want to fix the entire roof.

There will be some cost difference between the metal and polycarbonate sheets. So, you can choose as per your requirements. You need to keep in mind that it will be very difficult for you to fix it all by yourself so you may need some skilled people to help you.


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