Remodeling Your Laundry Room – Here’s a Guideline That Can Help

Remodeling Your Laundry Room – Here's a Guideline That Can Help

There’s something funny about laundry rooms. We use it a lot, but it’s mostly an after-thought when it comes to arranging this space. It’s absolutely true. Today, you don’t have any standard laundry room layout, shape or size. And most of the time, such utility spaces get created in a strange and awkward remaining leftover area after the entire house gets planned. Else, they can also be the dark corners of the garages or the basements. It’s a thing to notice that you spend ample time in this area. Hence, you must place added attention to this space. 

All of us have to do our laundry, whether we like it or not. But can the chore be somewhat less dreadful by making it more convenient and faster? The answer is that with a laundry room remodel, you always can. 

The List of Items That Can be Used

Simply put, the process of the laundry room remodeling is all about increasing functionality and space. It could be that your current laundry room is bigger than the average size or is small, there are specific elements that you can bring in to enhance the functionality and appearance. That will make it more pleasant. Here are a few elements that a laundry room must have. 

A Folding Table

How much laundry does the living room sofa comprise? Chances are you might know the answer as it’s the place where you usually fold and clean your laundry. Also, one of the negative sides of getting the laundry done is hoisting the freshly-washed linens in the laundry basket as well as carrying it to a place where it’s possible to fold. When you have a folding table in the laundry room, it cannot carry it to some other place. It can help you to save energy, time and clutter. 

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It is a great option when you have added wall space that you haven’t used well. You can save space by a table installation which folds out from a wall when required. You can personalize the size so that it’s as big or small you want it to be. 

Extra Storage

There’s nothing like excess storage. The laundry room remodel is the correct time to cover the clutter with added shelving, cabinets, and organization. One of the famous ideas is to retrofit the cabinets for holding the laundry baskets. It can conceal the chaos of the dirty laundry which keeps it inside and is at a convenient reach for the wash time. The other storage idea is to add the decorative baskets and open shelves atop the dryer and washer. Also, the baskets will hide the clutter and offer added storage space, while the shelving is cost-efficient compared to the cabinets. 

A Brand-new Sink

Scrubbing the grass-stained pants and the muddy shoes is a task in the laundry room sink and not the kitchen sink. Having the sink close to the dryer and washer is an added ease. Also, when you are remodeling a laundry room, it’s the best time to have one. Even better, it has a decorative flair to the new sink and a new and shiny faucet. Here if you want, you can go ahead and install a clothing washing sink

Upgraded Lighting

It is one of the cost-efficient and easy ways to make your laundry room vibrant as you upgrade it. You need to do away with the outdated, old light fixtures and choose something trendy and new, for instance, modern fixtures in brushed gold or bronze or recessed lighting. Most people spend ample time doing their laundry, hence it’s essential to show this space some love and focus on its aesthetics. 

Waterproof Flooring

The laundry rooms can get wet, as it comes with a certain territory. Ensure that your laundry room remodeling comprises waterproof flooring which holds up against all the drips, leaks and the spills. A popular flooring type in 2020 is the waterproof lavish vinyl plant flooring, which looks very similar to hardwood and comes with increased durability. However, when it comes to budget, the lavish vinyl plank flooring is much closer to the expense of the less-durable laminate plank flooring. 

The Ideas for Laundry Room Decoration

There are several ideas that you can come across when it comes to arranging your laundry room décor. They include the following:

A Retro and Rustic Laundry Room

One of the popular laundry room ideas is to opt-in for a front-loading dryer and washer, which can leverage the empty space atop the machines by running the shelf, wide-enough for securely holding the laundry things. 

Make the Most of the Sunshine in Your Laundry Room

If your laundry room gets natural light that comes from an undressed window, you need to take advantage of it. Also, the dryer and washer should preferably be front loading, enabling space above it for the shelves that hold an attractive wicker basket and apothecary bowls and jars filled with the laundry materials. Make sure there is ample space to hang the freshly laundered shirts. 

A Comfortable Country Laundry Room

Here you need to leverage the warmth and essence of wood for the laundry space. The shelves can stretch over the dryer and washer and there is sufficient space to keep a bin to sort out things. The metal bins can be put on the first shelf while the laundry detergents along with other bins can be on the second shelf within a fast reach. 

Fresh Out from the Dryer Laundry

The washer present in the laundry center is top loading and the dryer can be front loading. Hence, the shelf atop it can get held by the brackets. The white of shelves, machines, wall cabinets, and beadboard doors get the warmth by the taupe-shaded walls. In addition, there can be brown floors made using resilient material and dried flower pots in the open shelves. 

These are some of the elements you need to add in when addressing a laundry room décor or remodeling. However, it’s best to study your space and choose the décor that will complement the room. That will enable you to fix the décor and the budget and go ahead with the project.


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