How Much Does Kickstarter Video Production Cost? and What Is Included in It?


    There are many Kickstarter video production companies where you can hire their services. Videography has become so popular that people love to watch them instead of reading. In this era of digitalization where everything has been involved in videography.

    When it comes to Kickstarter videos, there are dozens of outstanding companies that can provide you with results you always crave for. As far as price is concerned, many of you cannot get good services on an affordable budget. This has become a common issue in videography. However, there are many production houses that you can access at very reasonable prices. The wow-How studio is one of them.

    As per general calculations, Kickstarter videos can cost you $2k to $15k depending upon the projects. Let’s discuss what will include in this cost

    A script

    It is one of the main segments of the video based on which crowdfunding video is made. Wow-How understands its importance very well and provides you script accordingly that can get you high viewership.  In general, it’s not wrong to say that a script is the backbone of the video apart from editing and post-production.

    Wow-how understands your product features keenly and recommends certain aspect that needs to be covered within the video. You can take help from their great ideas and make the great script that you think will work.

    Lightning equipment

    Poor lighting can ruin your video and there are enough chances your video will reduce its impact on the audience. Good light is necessary for your video in this respect. If you hire services of wow-how, your video will be made in the best light and everything will be shown in the best quality.

    What else do you need from WoW-How studio?

    On the other hand, poor light can make your video dull and the audience won’t make it until the end. The characters will look unattractive and ugly. When it comes to videography, the human eye retains colors of high resolution.


    It’s one of the main parts of videos that play a key role. For instance, you have all other instruments that are best in quality but the camera quality is bad, your video will be garbage. And this is true. The best camera plays a key role in the shooting process. Because during shooting you have to give full resolution to all your characters and other things.

    The wow-how studio has a collection of professional cameras, where your video is made on the best one. Guess what, this professional camera is also included in the price you’ll pay for one time. its professional members will take care of the shooting and you just have to enjoy the process.


    A simple video no matter works well but if you add music on the background it is second to none. Moreover, it retains the eyeballs until the end of the video. Unconsciously, watchers will stick to watching a video as it gives a sense of peace and joy in the background of the video.

    Wow-how takes care of the music. As per the nature of the video, it gives ideas and adds suitable music. If you hire services from any other studio, you might have to purchase custom music from the composer but Wow-How doesn’t cost you an extra amount. Wow-how has a collection of music that is exclusively available for their customers.

    Voice Over

    You have to hire services for the voice-over artist for your videos. But Wow How has an edge over all other competitors that it gives services of voice-over artists at the same price you’ll pay just once.

    As per accent, there are many voice-over artists are available and your crowdfunding video is finally made. Famous voices alone can cost you more than a complete project, but Wow how provides custom, exclusive voices within the budget and your queries will be resolved.

    Graphics and Revisions

    When it comes to editing the video, professionalism plays a key role in this regard. The more expert the video editor is, the better video will be made. In this, different factors need to be taken care of e.g. graphics and colors.

    If there comes any revision, wow how will do that without charging any extra money. What do you need more?

    Kickstarter video production cost is comparatively lower if you hire services of Wow How studio. There are many other things are included from pre-production to post-production.


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