How Kenya Visa for Pakistanis Facilitates Entrepreneurs?

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Entrepreneur visas are one type of visa that permits foreigners to set up an enterprise in Kenya. The same is the leverage for Pakistanis if they seek a Pakistan to Kenya visa for that purpose. It is among the most important ways the Kenyan government aids international investors. The entrepreneur visa permits the traveller to move around Kenya freely and allows entrepreneurs to establish a company in Kenya.

The government launched the Entrepreneur visa for Kenya to ensure that qualified individuals remain in the country for a long time. This article will explain the procedure to apply for a Kenya visa for Pakistanis, especially if they are entrepreneurs.

Who Can Apply for An Entrepreneur Visa?

An entrepreneur visa is a kind of visa granted from the Kenyan government to non-Kenyan citizens who are looking to move to Kenya to begin an enterprise. If you do not want to establish an enterprise in Kenya, you can apply for a Kenya visa for Pakistanis in the entrepreneur category.

The entrepreneur visa is the same as a residence permit granted to non-Kenyans looking to establish any business in the country. A holder of an entrepreneur visa may bring family members along who are with them for the duration for the validity of their visa whenever they visit on a visa for Kenya from Pakistan.

Kenya Entrepreneur Visa Requirements for Pakistanis

Here are some of the requirements to apply for an Entrepreneur Visa.

  • You must have a reliable source of financing and an established business plan for the company you are planning to launch.
  • Also, you need to sign a legally binding agreement from an individual sponsor before you apply for a Kenya visa for Pakistanis.
  • The most important condition is that travellers show at least six (6) months of validity on their passports prior to travelling to Kenya.
  • Every traveller must provide a few information regarding their passports, like numbers on the passport, nationality and day of birth, date of expiration of the passport, etc. Moreover, there is special leverage of visa on arrival for Pakistani entrepreneurs.
  • Travellers could be required to provide travel plans, including which cities they are planning to visit, what they’d like to undertake, and the hotel/accommodation information (where they are planning to stay throughout their travels). A well-thought-out and organised plan could increase the chance of getting your eVisa accepted.
  • When applying for a Kenya visa for Pakistanis, be sure to bring a clear photo of you (the traveller) taken in the past six months. The photo must be taken on an all-white backdrop, with an unobstructed view of the shoulders and head of the traveller and have an unassuming expression.

What Is the Importance of Having an Entrepreneur Visa in Kenya?

A visa for entrepreneurs allows you to enter Kenya based on a Kenya visa for Pakistan to establish your business or live and work in the country for a long time. You’ll be considered an ordinary person on Kenyan visa lists. If you plan to reside and work in Kenya, there are numerous factors to consider, including the kinds of visa processing time, the length of processing, and the amount to be paid.

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There are numerous options to work and live in Kenya. Choosing which is the most suitable for you may be difficult. One of the first things you’ll be required to complete before applying for a Kenya visa for Pakistanis is determining what category you fall into.

However, you can’t stay on the entrepreneur visa only as temporary visitors. You may be granted a permanent or a business permit for a brief visit. This does not impact your status if you were living in Kenya using an entrepreneur or residence permit prior to obtaining the Entrepreneur Visa. You’ll remain an ‘in-visitor’ until your company has been in operation for a minimum of six months.


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