Industrial Tents: Applications, Benefits, and Considerations

Industrial Tents Applications, Benefits, and Considerations

Temporary structures are becoming popular in the construction world. One of the cheapest and most versatile temporary buildings is industrial tents. Setting up a temporary tent takes just a few days to weeks based on the size of the building.

Industrial tents offer a host of options, especially during emergencies. You also don’t need a planning permit or building regulations approval to set up an industrial tent. The range of use cases are many, from warehousing and manufacturing to construction and events.

Below, we explore industrial tents in-depth, covering their applications, benefits, and essential considerations.

Benefits of Industrial Tents

Industrial tents have been used to build warehouses and storage units. They are a cheaper and cost-effective solution compared to brick-and-mortar storage units. The tents require less setup time and are built using prefabricated materials, which lowers the cost of construction. These tents are ideal for storing goods, equipment, and materials.

Portability is another plus of industrial tents. Building a brick structure on a leased property isn’t a practical solution. With industrial tents, you can build office spaces, warehouses, and a garage for your fleet. The structures can be pulled down when your lease expires and the materials transported to your new location.

The tents can be customized depending on the business needs or user requirements. Some of the customization options available include ventilation, wall insulation, and lighting. You can have a clear PVC roof to let in natural light during the day and cut down utility bills.

Even though industrial tents are temporary, the structures are durable. The building can withstand harsh weather conditions thanks to the waterproof and UV-resistant fabric. The structures also come with a warranty from the manufacturer, which takes care of any damage that may occur during installation.

Considerations When Choosing Industrial Tents

The number one factor you must consider is your budget. In most instances, the cost of industrial tents will vary depending on the size. There is also an option to lease the structure, especially if you only need it for a short while. You can find industrial tents at good rates at Smart-Space.

Another thing to remember is planning permissions and building regulations approval. Approvals and permits will be a non-factor if you are using the structure for less than four weeks. However, if you will be using the industrial for more than a month, you must apply for a planning permit.

Buy your industrial tents from a reputable manufacturer. Low-quality buildings will not withstand wear and tear or survive harsh weather conditions. Research and choose a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality industrial tents.

Regular maintenance is key to the durability of your tent. Some manufacturers will offer a long-term warranty, which will take care of any damage to the tent. Create safety protocols around and within the tent to avoid accidents.

Ensure the tent’s structural integrity through regular inspections and adhere to weight limits and occupancy guidelines from the manufacturer.

Applications of Industrial Tents

Industrial tents are usable in many fields thanks to their versatility and flexibility. The structures can be used to set up large warehouses for businesses on a budget. The massive floor area and headroom provide adequate space for forklifts and small vehicles to move around.

The tents can be used to set up temporary garages and workshops. In such instances, you can go with a tent that has a clear PVC roof for natural lighting during the day. The building can also be customized with extra lighting and power machines to make work easier.

Industrial tents can also be used as temporary classrooms. With their versatility, the structures can be converted to labs, indoor arenas, or gyms. The tents can be used for hosting events such as trade shows, exhibitions, and sporting events. Interiors can be customized with lighting, flooring, and décor to create a comfortable space for students and teachers.

Wrapping Up

Industrial tents are versatile, cost-effective, and highly adaptable structures with a wide range of uses. Whether you need additional storage space, a temporary workshop, or a classroom, industrial tents are a practical and efficient solution.

Ensure that you consider your specific requirements, local regulations, and safety measures when investing in industrial tents. Consult a construction expert for more information on permits and building approvals.


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