Important Aspects of International School Education to Consider

Important Aspects of International School Education to Consider

There are many educational institutions around the world, each with their own ideas on what the best form of education is; schools follow a curriculum, which is a manifesto/guideline of the content and this can vary greatly.

Here are a few important aspects of international school education to consider when selecting a school for your child.

UK National Curriculum

The majority of international schools use the UK National Curriculum, while some follow the US National Curriculum. Choosing a top British International school in Bangkok will ensure that your child receives the best education, which will enable them to reach their full potential. Also, the way the curriculum is delivered is important and international schools use active learning methodology.

Imported Teachers

International schools do not hire locally, rather they hire teachers directly from the UK, qualified native English-speakers who fully understand the curriculum. Typically, teachers work on a 1–3-year contract to live and work in a specific country, such as Thailand, Vietnam or maybe Cambodia. Almost every country in the world has a few international schools, which are there to service the children of foreign diplomats and businesspeople. Only qualified and experienced teachers are considered and a thorough screening would be carried out

Global Learning Environment

Students of international schools integrate with other students from all parts of the world, which gives them a global perspective on life. Children of foreign diplomats and businesspeople usually enrol in international schools, as English is the language of instruction. Your child will meet many students from other parts of the world, which will give them a balanced outlook on life. Click here for the importance of early learning programs.

English Language Proficiency

The majority of students are from non-English-speaking nations and as English is not their native language, it is critical to develop a level of fluency as soon as possible. If a 5-year-old Thai child enrols in an international school in Bangkok, they will be fluent in English by the time they reach Year 6. Without a good command of English, it is very difficult for students to enter the university of their choosing, while choosing a career can be very challenging if you are not fluent in English. As English is the language of instruction, the students must use English for general communication and listening to English for 6 hours per day soon leads to a high level of comprehension.

Active Learning Strategies

The way a curriculum is delivered has a direct bearing on learning outcomes and international schools use active learning strategies, which motivate the students to become engaged in the learning process. All international schools would apply project-based learning as part of their curriculum, while the teachers are very experienced using these strategies. This type of learning makes the student responsible for their own learning and as the students choose what topics they cover, they are motivated to learn.

Opening Doors

There is no doubt that studying at an international school, students have more opportunities than those with a regular education. Academic excellence is always a major goal of international schools and this is important when it comes to choosing a university. International schools are usually the top schools when it comes to exam results and GPA, which is one of the main reasons parents choose international schools for their children. When applying to universities and colleges, coming from a top-rated international school virtually guarantees a place.


When you factor in a state-of-the-art campus with all the amenities you would expect to find in a top school, plus the attractive salaries for the teachers, you can see why term fees are high when compared to regular schools. There are variations with term fees, so it is best to check out numerous international school websites for a comparison; the best system of education is never going to be cheap, consider the cost as a good long-term investment, giving your child the best possible start in adult life.

If you would like your son or daughter to have the best academic education, start looking at international schools in Bangkok and take the first step to giving them the best chance in life.


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