How to Live Stream On Twitch?

    Stream On Twitch

    We explain how to do Stream on Twitch with OBS if you already have this program downloaded:

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    1. Create a Twitch account: registration of an email address with username and password.
    2. Create a channel on Twitch: we open settings in the user menu and configure our Twitch profile (name, profile image, and a brief description). In the Channel and videos section, you can modify settings such as channel design, accommodation mode, child protection, and Twitch chat.
    3. Twitch stream configuration in the Broadcast Information section. You can adjust five parameters: title, live broadcast notification, game category, community, and language.
    4. Connect OBS and Twitch for streaming broadcast. You can see the default settings in the Stream section, which will be enough to transmit on Twitch.
    5. Start life on Twitch. Right-click on the OBS user interface (source) and point to the recording source we want. Here the broadcast begins, and you can configure the broadcast manually to avoid any problem.

    How to make money on Twitch

    Doing live on Twitch also has rewards micas. Many users play and stream for fun while others have a single purpose, to make money on Twitch. The live broadcast platform has an affiliate and partner program to earn money on Twitch.

    The Twitch affiliate program has some requirements that you need to meet if you want to monetize your Channel:

    • 50 followers on the Twitch channel
    • Over 500 minutes of broadcast on Twitch in the last 30 days
    • Three viewers on average for seven days

    If you meet these requirements, you can start earning money on Twitch thanks to subscriptions, with bits (the virtual currency that the user sends in the form of cheers for the affiliate streamer; the streamer receives a percentage of money) or with the sale of games.

    The Twitch Partner Program is intended for high-level affiliates, and their financial rewards are superior. You can earn money as a partner on Twitch with subscriptions and channel emoticons, bits, and advertising. The ads that play on your channels make up an exciting part of your income.

    You need a series of requirements for the Twitch Partner program:

    • Broadcast for 25 hours in the last 30 days
    • Transmission of 12 unique days in the previous 30 days
    • Average of 75 viewers in the previous 30 days

    Achieving these three requirements does not instantly make you a Twitch partner, but you will have to go through an enrollment process.

    Also, there are other alternatives, such as donations to make money on Twitch. Many viewers donate part of their money to the streamer to improve the quality and content of the live show. This practice is widespread in the United States, and little by little, it is being implemented in the rest of the countries.

    The most popular Twitch games

    The world of Esports is growing by leaps and bounds, and there is a wide variety of games being broadcast on Twitch and other platforms. Twitch users flock to the platform to watch their favorite streamer and watch the most popular Twitch games:

    • Fortnite
    • League of Legends
    • Dota 2
    • Just Chatting
    • World of warcraft

    Each game has several streamers that broadcast their content live and is consumed by a large number of users. As a general rule, streamers have a pre-established schedule so that their community can see the material daily. In turn, this helps to stream to have more viewers and a better position for that video game in the Twitch feed.

    What dangers are related to streaming video games?

    1. Health problems

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the problems associated with gambling as a mental pathology. There is no doubt that this type of entertainment takes up more and more time in our children’s daily lives. And, above all, now that there is so much ease to access them online. The most significant danger is that it will go from being a simple hobby to a severe problem of addiction and isolation.

    It is essential to clarify that not all people who enjoy video games have a disorder. But, extreme use can bring a deterioration in areas of personal, family, social, or educational functioning. Some keys to detect this problem are:

    • Exceed 25-30 hours a week
    • Irresistible need to play and anger if that end is not achieved
    • Decreased academic performance
    • The impoverishment of non-related interests
    • Difficulty getting sleep
    • Fortnite from the computer
    1. Scams and scams

    Although it is a platform with stringent community rules, your children may encounter a troll. What do we mean by this?

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    These profiles are characterized by “teasing” other subscribers. Either through offensive or hurtful comments or using some deception to achieve an end. In 2013, a user was expelled for faking paraplegia to raise funds. She was charged with defrauding more than $ 20,000.

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    1. Talk to strangers

    In this sense, cybersecurity is paramount, and, as Twitch happens in the rest of social networks, they can talk to strangers without us knowing. We have to make them aware that any adult can pose as a child through their profiles and never accept untrusted users. We should never trust who is on the other side of the screen.


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