How To Drive Like A Pro In Winter

    How To Drive Like A Pro

    People who have not grown up in places with serious winter weather think that driving in snow is as difficult as driving on steep hills. You may think that deep snow can be treacherous to drive on and there is not much that can be done to rectify it. You are wrong. In this article you will read about, how to drive like a pro in winter.

    No doubt, driving in snow requires you to be careful and active. You need to be more careful with the pedals and brakes but not as much as you think. It is all about maintaining enough traction with the surface and not letting your car lose control.

    You may think that driving gets tough when the roads are filled with ice or snow but when the temperature gets low, it affects the rubber of your tyre even when there is no snow on the road.

    So, today, we are going to share important tips with you to master snow driving.

    Upgrade your hardware

    Before you hit the snowy road, prepare your brain and upgrade the hardware. What is the most crucial thing a vehicle, whether a car or truck, needs to safely drive in winter? If the first thing that came into your mind is all-wheel drive, you are wrong. A four-wheel drive is better than all-wheel drive in winter conditions but it is not what we are talking about.

    The most important thing to drive in winter is SNOW TYRES. The deep and aggressive tread of snow tyre channels the snow from its way to make contact with the surface of the road beneath. On top of it, the rubber that is used in the making of snow tyre is engineered to survive in cold conditions. 

    Many people don’t mount winter tyres when the temperature gets low assuming that their all-season tyres might perform well. All-season tyres are designed with a different tread that can only perform in moderate winter conditions.

    Whether you drive a passenger vehicle, a light truck or a commercial truck, it is important that you drive the type of tyre that suits the weather. For instance, if you drive a commercial truck, you should find a winter tyre in the truck and bus tyre category.

    However, using snow tyres in hot weather can make them wear down quickly. So, if you are using snow tyres, be disciplined and organized. Take them off before the summer arrives and mount them on your car as the winter comes. 

    Once you have equipped your car with a high-quality winter tyre, the next step is to prepare your mind for winter driving. The key to driving safely in winter is to be gentle and slow. Not only with the gas pedals, but with everything.

    Ease your movements

    Easy your movements. Slow down. Sometimes it can be difficult for your car vehicle to find the optimal level of friction. If you are accelerating from ‘0’, hold the gas pedal smoothly. If you notice any chattering sound coming from the wheels or an orange triangle blinks on the dashboard,Drive Like A Pro it indicates that the traction control is trying to keep the exuberance under control.

    Be gentle with the steering as well. If you feel like that the steering is slipping in your hands, this can indicate low traction. Unwind the wheel until the pressure gets back to normal.

    It is always better to never stop your car completely. This can reduce your chances of getting stuck in the snow. If you need to slow down,Drive Like A Pro press the brake pedal slowly. If you have a newer model, you may have ABS in your vehicle. 

    Everything in winter increases, from stopping distance to turning time. To avoid any bad situation, try to look further down the road and anticipate your next move. A typical stop that could take 150 feet in summer could take 400 or even 800 feet in the snow.

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    if you want to become the best driver, you need to be looking ahead of others. A stopped car ahead or taller vehicle changing lanes are all signs for smart drivers. For instance, people in taller trucks and busses have a better vision of the road and can see an accident or mishap before others. So, if you see them changing lanes, you better follow them or change an entirely different route. 


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