How to Conduct a Staff Engagement Survey

Staff Engagement Survey

A staff engagement survey allows organizations to assess how much employees are engaged with them and how they can improve the engagement. Here we will discuss how to conduct an employee engagement survey.

To conduct an effective staff engagement survey, organizations need to follow these 11 steps:

  1. Determining the purpose of the survey
  2. Crafting the questionnaire
  3. Make the survey short and concise
  4. Involve all employees in the organization
  5. Allot sufficient time to take the survey
  6. Encourage employees to take part in the survey
  7. Make the submission anonymous
  8. Result analyze
  9. Communicate
  10. Take proper action
  11. Keep track of the progress

Let’s discuss them in detail right below:

Determining the Purpose of the Survey

Like any other project of the organization, leaders need to plan the survey thoroughly. Otherwise, gaining the appropriate result may not be possible.

Leaders will need to figure out what they want from the survey. Then plan what information aligns with the goal of the survey and how they can use the information.

It is crucial to figure out and determine the purpose of the survey beforehand. If the goal is not determined properly, success will never be achieved.

Crafting the Questionnaire

Once leaders have decided on a goal, they can now start crafting questions for the survey. These questions will need to be specific and relevant to the goal leaders are trying to reach.

The best practice is to combine open and closed questions included in the survey. It helps leaders to acquire the most data from the survey. If any questions require further clarification, there should be spaces for employees to give their opinions and reasons.

Make the Survey Short and Concise

Leaders will need to design the survey carefully so that employees don’t lose interest. If the survey is too long, the employees will lose interest in the survey. On the contrary, making the survey too short will not provide all the necessary data.

Leaders need to find a balance between the information they need and the questions they need to ask to get those data. Adding doodles and interesting information in the survey form can help in keeping employees interested in the survey.

Involve all Employees in the Organization

While surveying engagement, it is essential to involve all employees in the organization. If not, there is a certain risk of missing crucial information.

Many organizations focus on the core function of the organization to survey engagement. However, for organizational success and progress, the engagement of every employee is an important requirement.

When leaders involve all employees in their engagement survey, they can get unique perspectives and insights from different departments of the organization. If any section of the survey is not applicable to any employee, they can keep the section vacant.

Allot Sufficient Time to Take the Survey

While in an organization, employees need to conduct specific tasks to reach their goals. Therefore, it may not be possible to fill out a survey form within hours’ notice. It will hamper their day’s productivity and make leaders miss some vital information.

Therefore, leaders should allot a reasonable amount of time to fill out the survey form. It will allow employees to give this survey the proper amount of importance it deserves.

Ideally, a week or two to fill up the form is a reasonable amount of time. If the survey has more open-ended questions, leaders can dedicate more time.

Encourage Employees to Take Part in the Survey

After designing the survey, leaders will need to encourage employees to participate in the survey. They will need to demonstrate that they are willing to bring change and are committed to the survey’s results.

Many employees tend to refrain from taking part in surveys or answering questions unfaithfully. This hurts both the employees and the organization equally. So, leaders will need to emphasize employees in being honest while answering questions as well.

Make the Submissions Anonymous

Everyone tends to be honest when they are given anonymity. So, to have accurate information, leaders need to make the submission anonymous.

Make sure to avoid asking any questions that can compromise employees’ anonymity. If such questions are asked in the survey, employees will tend to answer differently than they feel. It will compromise the integrity of the survey.

Result Analyze

Once the survey forms are submitted, leaders will need to examine the results carefully. These forms contain crucial information that can either make or break the organization. Therefore, treating them with the same importance is absolutely necessary.

From these data, leaders will be able to distinguish what measures are working and what needs to be changed. Also, they can identify any trends or patterns affecting the organization or teams.

With this information, leaders can determine what they need to change or implement for the betterment of their organization.


Communication goes a long way to steer an organization towards success. Once leaders acquire the results, they need to arrange a meeting to discuss the result of the survey.

To make communication more effective, leaders can tell employees the result that came out of the survey. It will help in discussing the issues further and bring everyone on the same page.

Take Proper Action

Once leaders have the results and bring employees on the same page, they need to start implementing the necessary actions. Otherwise, the whole survey was done for nothing, and the leaders will lose their admissibility.

Leaders will need to determine the necessary steps they need to take to improve the survey results. If the organization needs to implement new initiatives, leaders will need to calculate the costs and risks as well.

Keep Track of the Progress

After implementing the strategies, leaders will need to closely monitor the impacts. They need to set metrics to measure the success of their initiative and measure if the goal can be reached within the targeted time.

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If any drawbacks appear, leaders will need to change or adjust the strategies accordingly as well.

Bottom Line

Engaged employees bring the best results for organizations. Therefore, it is crucial that leaders conduct surveys time-to-time for the best possible results.

By following the above-mentioned process, leaders can easily conduct an employee engagement survey. These steps can get much easier with online recognition platforms, and the whole process will be done online.

Organization leaders should make proper efforts to keep their employees engaged and should be willing to take necessary steps to make the organization thrive.


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