How Does AI Technology Help to Paraphrase Texts?


AI technology has revolutionized the whole field of paraphrasing. Paraphrase tools that use artificial intelligence can provide excellent and intelligent results that almost look like the work of a human being.

However, paraphrase texts was not always like this. Before AI came along, paraphrasing tools used to work on a specific algorithm that was designed to work without recognizing or understanding the context of the text.

In doing so, there used to be contextual mistakes in the output, and there was a lot of editing that you had to do in order to make it look coherent.

In this post, we are going to be exploring how AI has helped in making paraphrase better. Let’s get started.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is pretty much what it sounds like. When a piece of text is paraphrased, it is basically rephrased with different synonyms and phrases but with the same meaning as the original.

Although there can be some fine differences between the two, rephrase can be considered as a synonym of paraphrasing.

There are basically two ways of paraphrasing text. It can be either be done manually, or it can be done with the help of a tool.

Nowadays, there are a lot of online tools that are used for paraphrase purposes. They are quicker to use, and if they are smart enough, they can give some pretty good outputs.

What are Paraphrase Tools?

A paraphrasing tool is basically a software that is designed to rephrase the given content by adding synonyms in place of some of the original words and shuffling the sentence structures. The exact working of different tools can vary, but that is about the main gist of it.

For the purpose of understanding the role of AI in paraphrase tool, we can classify them into two types viz.:

  • AI paraphrase tool
  • Simple rewriting tools

What are Simple and AI Paraphrasing Tools?

Simple AI tools can be defined as those paraphrase tools that don’t incorporate artificial intelligence in their functionality. They work on a fixed algorithm that is designed only to affect certain changes in the given text, regardless of the meaning and context.

An example of such a functionality can be merely changing existing words with synonyms. While doing so, such tools don’t take cognizance of the context and intent of the text. The synonyms are just added in there without considering the alteration that they can bring to the meaning.

Here is an example of how a simple paraphrase tool can rephrase some text:

Original Text Paraphrased Text
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogs. But, one of the dogs was not lazy and he grabbed the fox. Soon, the dogs got up and guzzled the fox. The rapid brown fox springs over the slothful dogs. But, one of the hounds was not inactive at all and he seized the fox. Soon, the dogs got up and wolfed the fox.


Now, technically, all the words that are changed in the paraphrased version are synonyms of their original ones. But, since there is no consideration of the context, they don’t look very suitable.

Moving on, AI paraphrasing tools can be defined as those ones that work intelligently to understand the text and then affect the changes in it. We will discuss these tools in detail in our next heading.

How Does AI Technology Help to Paraphrase Text?

The main perk and benefit of AI technology in text is understanding the context and intent of the content. In other words, tools that use AI are capable of understanding the context and intent of the content and then make changes accordingly.

There is a branch of AI known as ‘machine learning’. Machine learning is basically the tech through which a software can ‘learn’ how to detect patterns and specific types of data.

Using machine learning, paraphrasing tools can learn to understand that context of the entered content. Then, the changes that they make in the content are tailored and adjusted in order to not change its actual meaning.

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Another thing that is different in simple and AI paraphrasing tools is that the former only changes synonyms, whereas the latter also alters the phrases and the sentence structures as well.

For example, here is how an advanced AI paraphrase tool will paraphrase the given text:

Original Text Paraphrased Text
The man shuddered as the shopkeeper mentioned the murderer. The man knew what the murderer looked like, for he had heard about him quite a lot. The shopkeeper was keeping his face away from the man while taking his money. When he turned his face back, the man saw that the shopkeeper was the murderer. Wow. When the shopkeeper named the killer, the man trembled. The man recognized the killer since he had heard so much about him. While accepting the man’s money, the shopkeeper kept his face turned away from him. The man realized the shopkeeper was the killer when he turned his face back. Wow.


As you can see in the above example, the whole look of the content was changed. The phrases, the arrangement of the sentences as well as the words were altered but the meaning remained the same.

How to Get the Most Out of AI Technology When Paraphrase Texts?

Although there are some nice benefits that you can enjoy when using AI tools to paraphrase text, you have to be a little careful that you pick the right ones in order to get the most out of them.

Some tools, although using AI, are not very trained. So, despite the fact that they can understand the context of the entered text, they don’t make the changes properly. On the other hand, some tools can have highly trained and accurate algorithms that can work just as intelligently as a human writer.

In a nutshell, when you want to choose a paraphrasing tool, you have to make sure that you do a couple of test tries on it to understand how well it works. Similarly, you should also read online reviews and get an idea of what other people have to say about it.


The incorporation of AI has made a lot of difference in the way paraphrase is done. When AI algorithms are incorporated in paraphrase tools, the changes made by the latter are coherent and intelligent.

The context is not lost, and the work looks as thorough and smart as if it was done by a human editor.


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