How and Where to Find Good Pet Transporters

    Pet Transporters

    Moving is always exhausting, no matter how far or close you plan to move. When you are moving there is not a single thing you have in your mind, but a whole checklist you keep on referring while managing every single step you keep in mind. This becomes all the more stressful when you plan on moving with your pet because just like a small kid you have to think and manage to take care of every small detail of your pet. From managing it’s feeding schedule to getting all the certifications required, pet transportation becomes the most difficult part of moving out. In This article,you will read about, how and where to find good pet transporters.


    When you plan on moving out you have many things on your plate over which the responsibilities of the pet start looking like a lot to many people especially when you are a sole mover. With managing the schedules and appointments to the vet to get health certification to making safe travel with an assurance of no compliance on reaching to the destination, when related to the identifications and other documents required for the pet, hiring an agent or transporter seems a convenient option.

    What are the important points you must consider while hiring a transporter?

    To make the moving a little less complaining you must hire a good pet transporter whom you can trust with careful travel for your pet. The transporter must provide a reliable and TLC which makes the pet’s journey seamless.

    Beware of the scams.

    Every service starts to become trending as soon as it reaches out to people and comes out as a way of easing the things out. While as popular and common the servicing market becomes the more prone it becomes to scams and one must be aware of these scams before finalizing the deal. You must not hire the transporter unless you get to see his USDA registration papers or ID. 

    Beware of the scams.

    The ones which are registered with USDA are the most trustworthy Pet Transporters and you can easily give in to hire them considering they have gone through the verification themselves for getting registered and therefore ensures their commitment to human practices. The pet transportation service must also be a part of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) which is a big daddy of this leading industry and makes sure of making its members qualify for providing ‘Best’ services for its clients.

    Here is a small list of famous Pet Transporters. Make your move through this listing as per the following criteria:

    • Reputation

    • Pricing

    • Professional accreditation

    • Services Offered
    • Extra services are available

    Happy Trails Travel

    This is an Arizona based pet travel agency and has been a leader in the industry for 23 years. The company has made its way to the top by providing the best services to ship dogs for these many years effortlessly. The client’s reviews have helped them reach the top. They are also known for transporting cats and birds. Although the company specializes in Europe but have provided their services in other parts of the world too.

    They have attracted a massive number of customers through the one-time payment policy where they charge only 425$ fee excluding the airfare and including the coordination of logistics, securing necessary documents.


    CitizenShipper is among the topmost companies that serves as a platform for anyone to transport not just pets but a lot of things from point A to point B. Their platform eases the task to figure out the best driver since you can actually see what reviews the previous shipper has left which means you get to choose only the best driver to transport your pet. On their platform, the drivers are bidding to get your order which means you get to choose the best deal that’s a great value for money. If we were to suggest you one best pet transport service then it will be CitizenShipper. 

    Air Animal Review

    This is a Florida based company that has a record of moving about 10,000 animals for 40 years of their service period. They are known for the safety provided as well as the care they provide the pets while making the transportation. Since the veterinarian family decided on making this a family business they ensure getting a meaningful partnership with 225 airlines. 

    Animal Review


    They have experts in many airlines across 165 countries who willingly provide their services to make the initiative a name of innovation. Although the services may seem expensive when compared to other companies, they one of the renounced name of this industry with valid BBB accredited A+ grade and in-transit pet lounges available through all the working locations

    Pet-Express Review

    The California based company is known for the best-trusted animal relocation company established since 1978. Growing since the day of establishment, this company has marked its way through the ladders by making it rule of never compromising with the quality of their servicing. They made their way through the list by making an extra effort into hiring animal experts across all over the world who are certified Pet Transporters handlers and therefore providing a base of trust to their clients. 

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    The only drawback of the company is the unavailability of pricings over the website and a lack of attention towards customer support services. This company is also A+ graded BBB accredited and USDA, IPATA certified. With a wide area of networking, they are providing their services to many regions around the globe.


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