Fedora Hats for Women: Different Types of Fedora Hats to Enhance Fashion

Fedora Hats for Women

The growing popularity of fedora hats implies their impact on the fashion world. While you go out, look for someone who is wearing a hat. Chances are it is either a western hat or some type of fedora hat.

To many people, fedora hats are the ultimate fashion accessory. The fedora hats are undoubtedly a timeless piece of fashion accessory. However, keep in mind that not all fedora hats are crafted the same way. Not only has the length of the brim, but also the height of the crown and the shape of the hat play an important role. To understand the fedora hats, you need to know about their properties thoroughly.

What is a Fedora?

Nowadays, the common fedora hats are considered brimmed hats and they often refer to various styles as per the wearer.

Even though there were different types of fedora hats available in the market, now most fedora hats come with a combination of some particular features: a wide and structured brim, a teardrop-shaped crown, and a gutter or dent going down the center.

While the fedora hats with these characteristics existed for a couple of years, the typical fedora hats weren’t used until the early 90s. In fact, before that period the fedora hats were now considered as a highly luxurious piece of fashion equipment as only the low and middle-class people used to wear them. At this point, the hats were not a fashion accessory, rather an expectation. Wealthier people used to purchase different types of hats as per the occasion. However, middle-class people used to consider the fedora hats due to their multipurpose nature.

After 1920, the fedora hats started gaining a lot of popularity. This is because they were worn by many Hollywood movie actors. With the development of fashion sense and dress code in the 1960s, the fedora hats became one of the best fashion accessories. During the rise of heritage menswear, fedora hats remained a vital piece of fashion accessories.

In a more modern sense, the fedora hats used to be softer yet unstructured with a high crown as well as wide brim. Rather than the typical round bowler, the crown of the fedora hats is pinched. Even though there are different variations in the crown.

Here are the best fedora hats for women that everyone should know about:

1. Classic Fedoras

This is one of the most popular fedora hats in the market. If you’re planning to purchase fedora hats, there’s no better hat than the classic fedoras. The style will undoubtedly capture the attention of people while also helping you stand apart from the crowd. When you pair the classic fedora hats with the proper dress code, they will become a deadly combination. Make sure your fedora hats are made of 100% wool. The ladies fedora hat is made of high-quality materials.

Classic Fedoras

2. Straw Fedora

This is another popular type of fedora hat you should know. The fedora hats are also available in straw. Most people love the hand-made Panama straw hats that are extremely attractive. Straw is one of the most common materials because of its durability; it fits perfectly on any head. Not to mention, the breathability of the straw hats is great. This is why the straw fedora hats are great for the summer months as they will keep your head cool. The crack-resistant liner of the straw fedora hats makes them not only durable but also comfortable. You can adjust and readjust the straw fedora hats as many times as you want.

Straw Fedora

3. Safari Fedoras

Previously, the safari hats were used to known as rounded pitch helmets. Eventually, the wide and medium brim fedora hats started replacing their design, offering a greater amount of sun protection and comfort. As per Reid health, sun protection is important.

The design of the safari fedora hats is very similar to the straw fedora hats. However, they have different styles. Both of these hats are made of wool felt or Panama straw, but the design is distinguishable. Therefore, you won’t make mistakes while purchasing them. The brim of the safari fedora hats is noticed first. The brim is also combined with a subtle brand that will help you showcase your fashion statement.

Safari Fedoras

4. Pork Pie

The pork pie is also known as stingy brim. They are one of the most popular types of fedora hats due to their smaller brim. The popularity of the pork pie fedora hats started growing in the 1990s and hasn’t decreased since. This is because the pork pie fedora hats were used in various music videos, TV shows, and Hollywood movies.

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While you’re purchasing the pork pie fedora hats, keep in mind that they are not waterproof. Therefore, you can’t use them in rain conditions. Even though they are durable, they might get damaged if you don’t take proper care of them.

Pork Pie


These are the different types of fedora hats you should know about. Are you planning to purchase a great fedora hat but don’t know how to choose? Make sure you contact us today.


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