Essential Things To Know Before Making Nail Designs


Did you know that an individual’s ability to perform nail art would be considered a social status symbol in an ancient culture? We know it is surprising, but it is true. Most pretty ladies love visiting the nail studios and getting their nails done.

However, an expert-created manicure is a luxury not everyone can afford. So it is better to have a few nail art essentials in your nail kit at home. Our focus stays on highlighting the essential things about nail designs in this piece.

These tips and tricks will help you whether you’re getting your nail art from a saloon or going DIY.

1. Stick By The Golden Symmetry Rules

Symmetry is the core ingredient in every nail design, whether a French manicure, geometric pattern or detailed nail artwork. You can create a messy and untidy manicure (say, for instance, crooked ombre. Oh God!) or a neat and decent one; the choice is yours. You can effortlessly draw symmetry lines using nail stencils for French manicures and geometric designs.

For example, before doing a gel French manicure, sketch the beginning, end, and the highest arch point on each tip. Similarly, mark every line’s start and intersection for a geometric design. Achieving symmetry for freehand nail art is a little tricky. However, with regular practice, you can soon ace some designs.

2. Go For a Great Brush (Always!)

For an artist, her brush is everything. Similarly, for nail art, you need an excellent brush. A professional brush is a must for nail designs.

It helps a skillful nail artist work efficiently. There is no set rule for which brush to use. You can try (like even a hundred if you want) and stick to the best one that fits you.

Follow this quick checklist when you buy an excellent nail brush for better designs:

  • Durable
  • Acetone-resistant material
  • Sharp & aligned bristles
  • Soft hair for painting patterns
  • Suitable for all – gel, polish, and acrylics
  • Cruelty-free

3. Planning is The Key

Especially if you are a newbie nail art designer experimenting after watching YouTube tutorials, you should plan things out first. Each time you try a new nail art design or method, bring it entirely to life on a piece of paper.

Of course, you can be as creative as you want with your nails, but a few designs don’t come as pretty as they were on your mind. So better to have a sketch before creating it in real, on the nails. Also, if you are trying a new color combo, try it out on your nail art palette or nail art book.

4. Top Coat is Your Best Friend

We say this here, there, everywhere – a topcoat of nail paint is super important in nail art patterns. Because of a quality topcoat, your entire nail art design gets upscaled to the next level.  When you use a top-notch top coat for nail art, it automatically evens out all the imperfections on your nail surface.

Moreover, a quality topcoat adds a saloon-like finish to the manicure. On the contrary, if you pick a poor nail topcoat, the outcome will be dissatisfactory and might also infect your nails with germs. If you are in a dilemma investing in which topcoat for your future nail designs, do a little research online beforehand.

5. Gather All The Nail Essentials in One Place

You cannot have a casual attitude when it comes to nail art designing. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a pro; you have to gather all the nail art essentials at one destination. You have to have everything handy, from your polishes, coats, tweezers, and tapes to fillers.

It is crucial because you cannot stand up every time to look for the tools you often need when you start doing a nail design. Hence, for a smooth nail designing experience, prepare a nail art kit for your home and carry it with you everywhere you travel. To prepare a nail art kit, tick off this list of eleven nail art essentials.

6. Keep It Clean

You have to agree – you can’t underestimate the power of a nail paint remover and clean-up brush. How would you treat nail polish getting over or under the cuticles, huh? A wipe soaked in the polish remover is enough to wipe out the mess.

Also, what about an uneven stroke of nail paint that has covered your sides of fingernails? A sweep with the clean-up brush and everything is back to looking beautiful. For a perfect nail manicure finish, cleaning up, in the end, is mandatory.


Do you agree with these six nail designing essentials or not?

If you feel we have missed anything, please share in the comments to help our readers. And who knows, your ways of doing nail art designs might be more fun and practical.

Nevertheless, nail art designing is an entire process rather than just an act. That’s why it involves a lot of to-dos. If you follow these essential tips and tricks, your process will become hassle-free and result in exceptional outcomes.


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