Enjoy a Merry Sweet Christmas With These 3 Australian Desserts

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Prepare an Aussie spread this Christmas with desserts guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, from toddlers to grandparents. Enjoy traditional desserts from Australia’s rich heritage. Make sure to enjoy every single one of these treats. To ease your chores this Christmas, you might want to leave the baking to cake shop Sydney. Choose from an array of premium desserts guaranteed to be a sweet and colourful addition to your Christmas buffet. Have your cake delivered or buy them in-store.

Sydney is notable for its vibrant culinary scene. Restaurants in Sydney continue to flourish from increased tourism rates. Domestic visitors have increased by as much as 33.5%, while international tourists have increased by 38.3%.

Fast food and takeaway food services take up a huge portion of the market share. It has grown exponentially compared to traditional dine-in restaurants. Year on year, fast-food revenue grows by as much as 3.3% over the last five years. On the other hand, dine in restaurants only increased by 2% per annum.


Tart comes from the French word tarte, which literally means pie or tart. However, pies cover the filling with pastry, whereas flans and tarts are open-faced.

Tarts were born from a tradition of layering food back in the medieval ages. It utilized enriched dough or shortcrust in the 1500s. Tarts were a fixture in feasts for nobility. Originally tarts were meat-filled, but as culinary tastes evolved, it led to the tarts we know today: fruit-filled with a custard topping. Fill your Australian Christmas table with appetizing tarts from modern innovations such as apple and blueberry tart, mango and strawberry tart, and a colourful passionfruit tart.

Pavlova – Cake Shop Sydney

Pavlova has to be the ultimate Australian dessert. Make sure this treat is on top of your Christmas baked goodies. Pavlova is the summer dessert in Australia that everyone in the family will be battling for second slices. If you bring Pavlova to a potluck, it is sure to wow the crowd. This delectable dessert is merengue based with a range of variations. The most well-known is chocolate pavlova with fresh berries on the side. People sink their teeth on the crisp outer shell while others adore the gooey marshmallow centre. Accent the entire cake with whipped cream and fresh fruits to make it truly mouthwatering. For the ultimate Pavlova cake, savour an outside in Pavlova cake from cake shop Sydney.


Cheesecake is another sweet-tooth satisfying dessert. It consists of several layers. The main and thickest part consists of a combination of soft, fresh cheese, eggs and sugar. If the cheesecake utilizes a bottom layer, it is often made from either crushed cookies or graham crackers. Cheesecake may either be baked or refrigerated.

The typical sweetener for cheesecake is sugar, but it can be flavoured in various ways. You can add vanilla, spices, lemon, and chocolate flavourings. Your imagination is your limit. Adding flavours enhances the cake’s visual appeal, and you can top it with fruit, chocolate syrup, nuts, and whipped cream. Create a colourful Australian Christmas buffet by ordering double-baked cheesecakes such as blueberry cheesecake, caramel cheesecake, and new york cheesecake.


No Christmas is complete without sweet treats. Australia’s heritage provided it with an extraordinary culinary tradition, which includes the most exquisite desserts. Cap off your gastronomic Christmas dinner with any of these sweet choices.


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