Designing A Productive Workspace: 4 Ways

Productive Workspace

Every day, businesses and organizations encourage their employees to be more efficient and productive – and there are several ways to make this happen, from implementing innovative technology to bringing in productivity experts.

However, in an office setting or even a work-from-home setup, your physical workspace layout can affect your productivity. Whether you have dozens of employees or work from home alone, setting up an efficient workspace is great for your productivity and mental well-being.


Yujin Wong has always emphasized the importance of a productive workspace. A workspace that allows you room to move is also a good idea. You may want to consider a workspace that doesn’t confine employees to one spot and allows them to work remotely or sit outside to move around. For those who work in hybrid and work-from-home setups, some have even adopted standing tables while simultaneously working with a foot exercise device in their spaces.

The rationale for such an example is rooted in the fact that exercise is a good driver for physical and mental health improvement. Some of those who have invested in indoor exercise tools have said they wished to hit 1000 steps per day, and investing in those would help them achieve their goals.

Productivity will not always be directly correlated with time spent on a task. After all, it is important to make sure that you must be recalibrating and refuelling yourself occasionally. People are not robots. They also need space to take breaks and refresh themselves.

A Space For Gadgets

You would be surprised to know that gadgets can comprise some of the most distractions in a workspace setup, regardless of what kind of work arrangement you follow. This is because most gadgets nowadays have screens, which is crucial to why it may be distracting and hinders productivity – you just need one main screen to focus on while you work.

The best way to avoid wasted time is to find a space for gadgets and leave them there; you may need an organizer or bag.

As you work, you can keep the gadgets in a corner. That way, you will not be easily distracted. In addition, as a reward after finishing all your tasks and work (and after your work time, too), you can get the gadgets.

Natural Light

Furthermore, natural light is a scientifically-proven effective way to induce productivity while working. The presence of natural light helps people feel more awake and alert throughout the day, according to various studies. In addition, natural light can also help decrease the eye strain from staring at computers and other devices.

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Regarding the specifics of natural light, the most productive light colour is yellow. You can aid natural light with the help of reflectors and light-giving devices in your room, such as a ring light for your meetings.

Scent Help

Finally, you can use the help of scents to make you more productive. They are also linked to the part of the brain linked to memory and emotion. They can also evoke different responses. For example, coffee helps with problem-solving by enhancing analytical reasoning.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways you can plan your workspace for your success. For example, you can utilize scents and light. In addition, the way you plan your space is crucial for peak productivity.


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