Custom Workwear for Your Business: What You Should Know

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Similar to your website and social media platforms, customized workwear also plays a key role in bringing more visibility to your brand…among other benefits.

Businesses mostly see uniforms or workwear as an aspect of their culture or what they stand for. Apart from this, workwear can also be a source of information to their customers. Cops in their dress immediately tell anyone who they are. Scrubs tell you if someone is a doctor. This at-a-glance information is basically what custom employee workwear offers.

A good majority of employees prefer structured dress codes at their workplace. 

As a matter of fact, 58% of individuals prefer a casual dress code that still fosters professionalism. [Source: LATimes]

Appropriate workwear has a chance to make employees feel like they are part of something big professionally. 

Keep scrolling down to explore everything you should know about how customized workwear elevates your brand.

Company Image & Easy Identification

A company uniform gives at-a-glance information to your employees on the organization’s sense; be it casual, professional or a mix of both. To the customers, employees wearing uniforms create a sense of professionalism and provide the information of who they need to talk to when seeking assistance. 

For example, a customer visiting a big retail store to buy a specific product would find it easier to seek assistance from a Sales Associate who can be identified through the uniform which should be different from the janitor’s. 

Studies have shown that, in retail, customers are more likely to buy from an employee in uniform which also improves their opinion on the organization. 

Unique Advertising

Custom uniforms for employees are also a unique way to advertise your business. Customers could associate the type of workwear and even the color choices with your business. 

Protects Employees

Some jobs guarantee stained workwear at the end of the day. With custom work uniforms, your organization assures your employees that their workdays will not influence their clothing budget. For jobs involving heavy equipment, customized safety parkas reassure employees that there won’t be mishaps while working due to a wrong choice of workwear.  When high visibility is important, you can go for customized reflective vests. 

Great First Impressions

People almost always “judge a book by its cover” when they are interacting with a business for the first time. 

As a matter of fact, studies show that people make determinations about a person in about 0.1 second.

Imagine how a new walk-in customer in a retail store would feel when they see all employees at designated locations wearing aesthetically appealing, branded uniforms. The customer gets the first impression of a business that is well-organized and invested in its workforce, while also allowing said customer to identify which employee they can approach for assistance regarding product, service, amenities or payment-related queries. 


Custom workwear gives a business a lot of leverage when it comes to impressing both its employees and customers. It’s indeed a form of expression, among other things, that paints a picture of the business in the mind of whoever interacts with it. 

But all of this depends on how the business selects its workwear. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Order from wholesale custom workwear stores for considerable volume discounts.
  • Choose colors based on brand values, brand aesthetics, and nature of work.
  • Choose the right fabric based on the nature of work.
  • Finalize appropriate dress codes for various customer interactions
  • Go for statement pieces during special events
  • Request samples before purchasing

Utilize customized workwear wisely to build not just the brand’s visibility but also its reputation. 


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