Clear Signs That You Need to Replace Your Mattress


When you are having trouble sleeping at night, and sleeping pills are just not cutting it, it is time to check elsewhere for the problem. Have you considered that your mattress could be the main reason why you are having such difficult nights? An aged mattress is not the only reason for you to replace it.

Top 7 Reasons to Replace Your Mattress

Here are some signs that show you need a new mattress. Lets start with health issues.

1) Your get constant allergies every time you sleep on the mattress

Overtime, mattresses can accumulate dust mites, mold and mildew especially if they are old or were not taken care of properly. If you are prone to allergies, this can trigger your allergic reactions and affect the way you sleep. If you notice itchy eyes, a runny nose and sneezing every time you go to bed or wake up after a night of sleep then you need to replace that mattress.

2) Your body leaves and impressions

This is a very common sign in memory foam mattress types. For many, it can be a bit confusing to tell the difference simply because memory foam mattresses have been designed to remember their users’ frame while sleeping.

To make a distinction, remember that memory foam is created to remember your frame but should return to its original position a few minutes after you get out of bed. Otherwise, if you leave a permanent impression, you should consider changing that mattress. It means that the cellular structure of your memory foam has broken down and your mattress lost the ability to return back to normal. It could also be that you are using the wrong type of mattress. For instance, if you sleep on your stomach, you would need a mattress that is designed to offer you the support you need like the best stomach sleeper mattresses. 

3) Your mattress has a few lamps on it

Perhaps, there is no clearer sign that your mattress needs to be replaced than when you start to notice some lams on it. This especially applies to low quality mattresses: their paddings start to mover over time leading to lamps in random places. Lamps are notoriously known for causing discomfort during sleep and giving users a poor support system. This, in turn, leads to stiffness, discomfort, low quality sleep and pain.

4) You have been using the same mattress for a long time

When was the last time you replaced your mattress with a new one? According to mattress specialists and manufacturers, a quality mattress is supposed to serve you anywhere between 7 – 10 years depending on the mattress manufactures. If you have been using your mattress for more than 8years, you should consider replacing it. More complex mattresses, like the ones with springs cone come with 15- or 20-year warranties. If you have one like this, you should take it to your manufactures for a checkup and have the springs and workmanship checked out to make sure they are still good to use.

5) The mattress creaks or squeaks

If you hear squeaking sounds and screeching metal sounds, it is time to replace your mattress. This is directed to mattresses that have coils. There are two ways to fix this: one is to get a new mattress of get the bolts in your spring mattress tightened. In my opinion, a new mattress would be the better choice if you want to get rid of that problem entirely.

6) The mattress is sagging 

Having a saggy mattress is a clear sign that you have been using it for a long time and need to replace it immediately. Sagging is as a result of prolonged use which causes the material to break down and loose their support system. This Largely applies to spring mattresses but is indicated by compressions and indents on latex and memory foam mattresses.

7)Your seats feel more comfortable than the bed

If you have been to a hotel bed and felt way more comfortable than when you were in your own bed, this should be a red flag. This also counts for the couch in your own home. If you prefer sleeping on the couch instead of your bed, there is something wrong with the mattress. A good mattress is supposed to be comfortable and provide you with the support needed during sleep.


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