Benefits of Using Mobile Scaffold Over A Permanent Scaffold

mobile scaffold

Using a traditional ladder won’t help particular jobs, regardless of whether it’s made out of fibreglass or aluminium. These job types are frequently in window fitting, plastering, rendering, and heavy-duty construction like roofing and bricklaying. But installing permanent scaffolding, which you usually see on construction sites, is both time-consuming and too involved. That is where using scaffold towers come to play and can be very helpful. In this blog post, you’ll be learning some of the reasons why using a mobile scaffold is better used than a permanent scaffold.

Highly Versatile

Many jobs need an extra working surface, and more stability than a typical ladder can give but are not appropriate for more scaffolding fixtures. When it comes to these kinds of jobs, a mobile scaffold tower is a perfect alternative since it’s easy and quick to install and gives a more durable working surface. Moreover, operators can build most scaffold towers even on uneven ground. Because of that, a portable scaffold can be very helpful, especially when you’re unsure of what the ground’s condition will be in or when you haven’t done a site visit in advance.

Very Durable

Most scaffolding towers heavily depend on aluminum components, a non-ferrous metal that’s non-corrosive and highly durable. That makes them a great investment for commercial tradesmen because it has a particularly long operational lifespan before you have to replace them—that still depends on how intensively and frequently they are utilized. But given that they are frequently inspected and maintained by a qualified professional, you can practically depend on the average scaffold tower to use it for several years before it’s unsafe to use.

Easy to Assemble

In general, a scaffold tower is a one-man construction. Meaning, even for commercial tradesmen and sole traders, they are a practical alternative to lighter forms to access equipment. Even the largest towers that go over 30 feet can easily be installed by one operator within just a couple of hours. Unlike assembling more permanent scaffolding, specialist training is not required for anyone to do this. Moreover, they come with a complete set of instructions that help reduce the effort and time needed to put them together without risking anyone’s safety.

Easily Transportable and Lightweight

Scaffold towers are extremely lightweight. Also, they can be carried by even modest-sized commercial automobiles because of their lack of galvanized steel poles. This advantage enables the owner to be a lot more flexible in their capability to react to jobs. While permanent scaffolding usually takes too long to install and normal ladders might be inappropriate for the job, it’s a lot more ideal to use scaffold towers for urgent same-day repairs.

Safe to Utilize

A mobile scaffold tower is among the most dependable scaffolding types you can utilize in construction. Since you don’t need to disassemble them, the possibility of your workforces getting injuries throughout this procedure is low. Unlike those fixed scaffolds built with planks that run lengthwise to provide workers with enough area to move around, portable towers are a lot smaller. Because of that, they are intended to offer workers the area to keep their equipment and installed safety rails to keep them or their tools and equipment from falling off. These types of precautions make a mobile scaffolding tower an especially safe scaffolding type for construction workers.


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