Bedding Pieces To Purchase for Your Vacation Rental

Bedding Pieces To Purchase for Your Vacation Rental

Your bedding choices can make a difference in your guests’ comfort level when running a successful vacation rental. With an abundance of options available from wholesale bedding suppliers, you can choose sheets, blankets, pillows and other bed items that meet your needs. Here are some bedding pieces to purchase for your vacation rental:

Sheets and Pillowcases

Sheets and pillowcases need to be high-quality, comfortable to sleep on, and easy to clean. Look for sheets made from Egyptian or high-thread count cotton for a luxurious feel. It may also be worth investing in hypoallergenic options for guests with allergies. When selecting pillowcases, aim for a soft feel and a color that matches your vacation rental’s bedroom decor. Remember to regularly inspect and replace any worn sheets and pillowcases for your guests’ comfort.

Blankets and Duvet Covers

Purchasing durable and stylish blankets and duvet covers can provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to your vacation rental. They can add both warmth and style to the bedroom. When choosing blankets, opt for high-quality materials that can withstand regular use and machine washing. Cotton blankets are a popular option as they are breathable and soft. Invest in plush faux fur or velvet blankets to add a touch of luxury.

You can purchase duvet covers made from durable, smooth fabrics to help provide a more comfortable sleeping experience. Select duvet covers that match the color or pattern of the overall aesthetic of your vacation rental. You can also change the cover seasonally to correspond with the holidays. Regularly fluff and shake out your blankets and duvets to extend their life by maintaining their loft. When doing laundry, follow the care instructions for each piece to help prevent damage and promote a longer lifespan.


Stocking a variety of pillows from a wholesale bedding supplier can affect the comfort of your guests. Provide several options to cater to different purposes, such as lounging, sleeping, and decorating. Memory foam pillows are a common choice, as they provide support by contouring to the shape of the head and neck. Down pillows feel soft and plush, offering a cloud-like experience while sleeping. Consider purchasing pillows with various firmness levels. Some guests may prefer firmer pillows for increased support, while others may want softer options to conform to the contours of their head and neck.

Mattress Pads and Protectors

A mattress pad or topper is a removable bedding layer that sits on top of the mattress. It can be made of foam, latex, down, or synthetic fibers and comes in various thicknesses and designs. These pads add an extra layer of cushioning, helping to improve the comfort of your mattress for your sleeping guests.

Mattress protectors often encase the entire mattress and are designed to promote longevity and cleanliness. They are also easy to clean, as they can typically be removed and machine washed. Choose protectors that are waterproof, breathable, and hypoallergenic for enhanced mattress protection and guest experience.

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Purchase Wholesale Bedding for Your Vacation Rental

Choosing soft, quality bedding can help provide a positive first impression for guests staying at your vacation rental. You can buy pillows, pillowcases, mattress pads, and other bedding items from a wholesale supplier. When purchasing wholesale bedding supplies, consider making a bulk order to save time and take advantage of potential cost savings.


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