5 Unique Pool Party Ideas This Summer

Unique Pool Party Ideas

Sometimes, even a simple idea, if conceived and applied right can make everything look so unique. For a unique pool party ideas, a plethora of catchy DIY décor ideas is available out there to make yours a hit among friends and family.

Some of those may be old and boring, but every now and then I catch some unique stuff. Just last weekend I found one while browsing movies on my Contour TV. There was a movie showing a scene of a pool party. Instead of using the same old floating flamingo theme, they had simple floats with logos of popular Vikings families as flags. This little creativity looked incredibly cool!

With the right ideas, you can find the right props and party supplies easily. Thanks to plenty of customized prop shops online! Here are several incredible ideas to host the kind of pool party people will hashtag about until the next summer. And that’s a guarantee!

5 Ideas to Make Your Pool Party Unique This Season

  1. Come Up with a Unique and Fun Theme.
  2. Rent a Pool.
  3. Menu and Décor are the Keys.
  4. Make Sure the Music is Spot On.
  5. Document the Whole Experience.

Let’s discuss this.

Come Up with a Unique and Fun Theme

Giving a clever dress code to your pool party is going to make all the difference. You can make the party look like the same old thing that you keep watching in your Instagram posts for years. Or, you can make it crisp and full of adventure with a clever dress code.

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I recently held a pool party at my place. And our theme was red swimsuits and Dali masks from the blockbuster series Money Heist. They just looked incredible and so different from all the pool parties we have attended so far. Also, the décor also complimented well with the costumes. That’s one idea. You can pick your favorite show and take theme inspiration from it.

Rent a Pool

Don’t make the mistake of essentially arranging the pool party in your backyard’s pool. If it is not appropriate or your friends already come over a lot, you can easily rent any local pool or a hotel’s pool for the party. You can arrange a magnificent party at a hotel pool. And the experience would be different for everyone. Also, you will have to do lesser work and there will be no after-party mess to clean.

Menu and Décor are the Keys

Right refreshments are essential to a memorable pool party. When it comes to the menu, you need to plan ahead. Get creative with the adult beverages, which you are going to offer to your guests. Margaritas are a good choice. Avoid heavy drinks such as dark beer.

The same goes for food. Swimming and big meals don’t go good together. Offer light and delicious snacks. Grilled burgers, sushi, and other similar options will work out just fine. Keep the menu light. Adding frozen desserts or ice cream is a must.

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In addition to a creative theme, some other convenient décor ideas will perk up the whole party. for instance, one easily affordable idea is to throw balloons complimenting with the overall theme in the pool. Or, creating a DIY bar for margaritas and ice cream would be a great idea.

Make Sure the Music is Spot On

To create the right summer and festive vibe, the right music playlist is going to be essential. Invest some time in coming up with a perfect tracklist. Since you are inviting your friends, you will know which music genres and numbers they love. Make sure you add something for everyone in the list. Also, make sure your speakers are good enough to create the right party impact. Also, keep the volume subtle enough for guests to be able to chitchat with each other. It shouldn’t be deafening. After all, it’s not a night club.

Document the Whole Experience

You are living in the age of social media. If you didn’t document the whole thing, did it actually happen? The answer is no! You might think it is silly, but it is the photographs and videos, which keep delighting us long after the real thing is over. You would love videotaping those creative masks and costumes and use them in throwback hashtags for the rest of the year! Those selfies with your favorite people will always bring back great memories.

It’s okay to copy a theme from a movie or show that you loved it. I’m not guilty about copying the exact same theme that I saw in a show on ABC on Cox for my next pool party! I don’t think there’s a copyright on such things – yet!


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