5 Cities Fascinated with Their Beauty in Cyprus

    Beauty in Cyprus

    Cyprus, the largest island in the Mediterranean after Sardinia and Sicily, is eye-catching with its virgin bays, beaches covered with fine sand, casinos, and entertainment venues that attract tourists from all over the world. The official name of Cyprus, one of the most important tourism destinations of the Eastern Mediterranean, is referred to as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Independence of Northern Cyprus is not recognized by the people of a country other than Turkey, which shares the southern part of the island with the Greek Cypriots over. In this article, you will read about,5 cities fascinated with their beauty in Cyprus.

    5 Tourist Cities Fascinated with Their Beauty in Cyprus

    The best time for a vacation on the island is the period between May-June and September-October. It is useful to draw your holiday plans to these dates in order not to be overwhelmed by the temperatures reaching 40 degrees in July and August.

    1. Nicosia

    Located in the middle of the island and running the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Nicosia is known as the most populous and lively city in the country. In this city, which is the cultural, industrial, commercial, and transportation center of the country, places such as Arap Ahmet Street, Selimiye Mosque, Barbarlik Museum, Arasta Street, and Haydar Pasha Mosque can be seen.

    2. Famagusta

    Famagusta, a small commercial port, is located in the east of the island. The city, which has the only deepwater port of the country, is among the most strengthened ports of the Mediterranean. This city, which impresses with its golden beaches and international festivals, is one of the most important settlements in the country’s tourism area.

    3. Kyrenia

    South Kyrenia Mountains, north of the Mediterranean, which is a port city located in Kyrenia, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Famous for its casinos, restaurants along the coast, Girne Castle, Beylerbeyi, St. Places such as Hilarion Castle and Tomb of Tomorrow Omer can be visited.

    4. Güzelyurt

    Güzelyurt, which took its name from the richness and beauty of its nature, was a settlement in Nicosia until 1998. Güzelyurt, which was brought to the status of the district with the law enacted, is one of the favorite places of local people as well as foreign tourists going to the country.

    1. Pier

    Agios Iakovos Church, located in Iskele, a settlement with a population of about 25 thousand people, is one of the most important tourist buildings in the region. Iskele, which has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere, is a great resting place for those who fall on Cyprus.

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    It is enough to take your ID with you to go to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which does not require a visa and passport from Turkish citizens who want to enter the country. You have the right to stay in the country for 90 days in your entries with your ID. While planning for this wonderful country that fascinates those who see it with its nature and azure bays,


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