What Are the Main Project Management Knowledge Areas?

Main Project Management Knowledge Areas

The main project management knowledge areas offer guidelines for managing projects and achieving desirable results. A key knowledge area like project scope management can help you plan your project, test products for businesses before release, and evaluate performance. Studying project communications management can equip learners with skills such as managing stakeholder communication. Here are some key knowledge areas taught in MBA project management programs:

Project Integration Management

Project integration is taught in MBA project management courses to help students oversee and engage in various project processes. Some elements that project managers may need to organize include physical resources, technological resources, and people working on the project. Skills in project integration can give you a broader perspective that helps you manage stakeholder relationships and arising changes in ongoing projects.

Project Scope Management

Studying project scope management can help students make sure project goals are met within the resource and time constraints. It can involve outlining project objectives, developing a plan, prioritizing tasks, determining the order to complete those tasks, projecting costs, and monitoring progress. Project scope management can help you deal with unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the project.

Project Time Management

Project time management is a knowledge area that involves setting deadlines, allotting time to tasks, and scheduling resources needed to complete the project. It may include skills such as creating work breakdown structures and project schedules. Skills in project time management can help you make sure the project operates according to the set schedule, leading to the timely achievement of project outcomes.

Project Quality Management

Students learn about project quality management to make sure the procedures within their projects meet the necessary quality standards. This may include developing quality assurance plans and testing products before the official release. Mastering project quality management involves developing skills in auditing that you may use to evaluate business processes and determine their quality.

Project Resource Management

Project resource management can help managers streamline people and resources. It may include assigning project activities based on employee skills and motivation. This knowledge area can help you monitor and control the use of resources to achieve project success. MBA project resource management skills can help future managers provide resources to their teams at the correct times to achieve project activity goals.

Project Communications Management

Students who have learned project communication management skills can inform stakeholders of how a project is progressing. This knowledge area makes sure stakeholders have access to the information they need according to the project timeline. Skills in this area include establishing communication plans and channels and effectively communicating with key stakeholders. Project communication management may also equip you with conflict resolution skills that you can use to resolve issues between stakeholders or employees.

Project Procurement Management

This knowledge area involves developing skills in acquiring goods and services needed for project completion. Project procurement management instruction helps you identify vendors, evaluate supplier offers, and negotiate favorable contract terms. Skills such as developing requests for proposals and quotes can help project managers evaluate potential suppliers.

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Enroll in an MBA Project Management Program Today

The main project management knowledge areas include project resource management, project scope management, project time management, and project quality management. Knowledge areas like project integration management can help you coordinate project elements such as people, physical resources, and technologies. Quality control skills in project management can help you meet the quality standards set by your clients or organization. All these knowledge areas can help MBA graduates successfully coordinate and assess people, resources, time, and quality control. Enroll in an MBA project management program today to enhance your project management skills.


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