Strifor Broker Verification Process Explained

Strifor Broker Verification Process Explained

Strifor provides many options for those interested in trading. It started operating in 2020, offering good cryptocurrency exchanges. Soon, the website expanded its services and now includes investing. 

If you’re interested in Forex, CFD stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies, the site offers more than 266 options to pick the right fit for your investing needs. The trading platform offers many benefits that attract traders. The best advantages of using this site are the low commissions and spreads. In addition, the leverage of 500 that excludes professional accounts is one of the reasons why traders choose this platform.

The substantial advantages attract many users to this platform. But they must first complete the verification process to be eligible for trading. The verification process is necessary for anyone wanting to become a trader on this website. In addition, we share helpful information about the process to make it easier for you. 

Why Strifor confirmation?

Identification is a required step of the process of becoming a Strifor broker. The Know Your Customer or KYC guidelines impose this step as essential. This verification process aims to protect the interests of the customer and broker. 

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The confirmation allows users to verify that they are working with a legitimate professional who can complete the work. But also protects the customers from the unjust practices of trading platforms. Therefore, individuals who want to trade with real money must undergo the confirmation process. 

In addition, verification is a part of the strategy for fighting corruption, money laundering, and other illegal activities. 

Verifying a Strifor Broker account

After registering on Strifor, users should proceed to account verification. The process is simple and doesn’t take much time. After completing it, you can move forward to investing.

To verify your account, go to your profile. From then, access the Personal data in the Settings part. There, you can see the Verify button. Click this button, and a form will open. You must enter the required information, such as name, phone number, and birth date. Entering your city isn’t needed. To complete the verification process, you must upload a photo or a scan of your ID. 

One of the steps in the process is verifying your address. Like other sites, you have a few verification options available. Customers can disclose a bank statement with their name and address clearly visible. A utility bill where the name and address are indicated is also acceptable. 

The users will see a message displayed on their account if the verification is rejected. They will see a proper explanation for this next to the verification button on their profile. Attaching out-of-date residence proof is one of the most common reasons for this. 

Is verification needed on the Strifor trading platform?

Customers can create a demo account on to test the features and see if the site is the right fit for them. The demo account allows users to try different trading methods and test their strategies without the risk of losing money. Traders can access the service without the verification process, but the only exception is when real money is included. With the verification completed, the customers can use all the features available on the platform.


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