7 Catering Ideas for Your Office Team Lunch


In the tight hiring market, you can introduce office team lunch catering ideas to beat your competitors and retain your workforce. Lunch catering is a great motivation for your employees, as it’s convenient and helps them save money.

Furthermore, social interaction during corporate catering will boost employee engagement and be advertised with digital signage. Happy employees are more productive, which will be a bonus for you.

Although lunch catering offers numerous advantages, figuring out which meals to order can be overwhelming due to the numerous options. However, despite the countless corporate catering companies in the market, you need to have office lunch catering ideas before contracting them. To reduce the hassle of coming up with a catering menu, here are seven office lunch catering ideas for your company.

1. Organic

Are you aware if any of your employees have dietary restrictions or are going gluten-free? You can never go wrong with organic lunches. Organic food offers endless affordable possibilities; hence, the popularity of organic dishes in recent years.

Some top organic lunch options include quinoa. Since quinoa is made of grains, you can alternate it with pesto, a plant-based organic lunch option. Moreover, you can seek catering services for organic lunch ideas and suggestions. Going organic has been a trend in recent years that’s easy to grab. You can also serve fresh fruit to go with the organic foods.

2. BBQ

When celebrating a company milestone or ushering in the weekend, there’s no better way than getting BBQ. A BBQ is a family-style meal that brings all employees together. The interns can interact with the executives amidst laughs and finger-licking meals.

What’s more, BBQ brings a homely feeling to work and makes the employees feel more welcome. It makes the perfect meal for a corporate event that needs an informal or relaxed setting. You can always order your BBQ from a corporate catering company for easy preparation and clean-up. Add potato salad to serve alongside the BBQ for a perfect combination. Alternatively, you can also serve pasta salad with the BBQ.

3. Tacos

If the location of your offices is in New York, you have no excuse to incorporate tacos into your catering menu. Certainly, despite having originated from the West Coast, tacos are a favorite for New Yorkers and commonly consumed street food in New York. Tacos are a simple, staple, and budget-friendly meal that everyone in the office can enjoy.

Additionally, they are a suitable office lunch idea since they allow personalization – they can serve a crowd. Furthermore, they’re also healthy. You can ask the corporate catering to combine lean protein with vegetables to make the meal satisfying, tasty, and healthy. In place of tacos, you can choose sliders with mozzarella or grilled cheese for a change.

4. Mexican Themed Lunches

You should add Mexican-themed lunches among your office lunch catering ideas. Actually, anyone who has tasted Mexican food can agree it’s delicious and offers healthy benefits if you’re specific about the ingredients.

As a result, give your office a taste of Mexican delicacies by ordering burritos which you can easily order from a food truck. Burritos give you a taste of all Mexican ingredients like beans, your choice of meat, rice, shredded mozzarella cheese, and corn. Likewise, you can order other Mexican business lunch options like fajitas, taco dips, and Quesadillas.

5. Spring Rolls

Include this mouthwatering Chinese delicacy among your office lunch options. Spring rolls are the easiest Chinese delicacy since they offer unbeatable flexibility in terms of ingredients you can add. Besides, you can make them healthier by using fresh veggies. Ask your catering service for recommendations on the best match of ingredients that yields the perfect flavor.

Most importantly, spring rolls are versatile and accommodate peppers, cabbage, fresh carrots, and cucumbers. Also, they can serve as either comfort food or a meal. Adding some lean protein to the spring roll and topping with avocado slices makes it a healthy, satisfying meal.

6. Crepes

Are you anticipating a business meeting and would like to pass a snack around before the meeting begins? What better way to start the meeting than by serving crepes? Unlike pancakes, crepes have more protein since they’re made of eggs, milk, and very little flour. Additionally, you can ask the corporate catering service to use gluten-free buckwheat flour.

The flexible options that crepes offer make them an ideal pick for everyone savoring their taste. Above all, they’re a healthy meal that you can pass around any time of day, and that goes well with other cuisines due to the different toppings crepes adapt to. Thus, crepes can adapt to everyone’s tastes.

7. Vietnamese for Brunch

While medical practitioners emphasize the need for breakfast, sometimes, your employees could miss their breakfast. Therefore, brunch offers them enough energy to remain productive until lunch hour. You can have Vietnamese delicacies for brunch.

Some of the meals can include banh mi, a traditional Vietnamese sandwich. Alternatively, you can choose Vietnamese Grilled Pork Skewers. Skewers are grilled meat that can serve to your employees as a snack or comfort food.


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