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Ways To Commemorate a Green Diwali in 2020

Green Diwali

As Diwali arrives, the entire country beams with fireworks, lights, grandeur, glitz, and fantastic fiesta. People endeavor to brighten their home and lives with a joyful vibe, exchange greetings, bursting firecrackers, and celebrate with a Diwali cake. While Diwali festivities were onetime regarding igniting diyas or earthen lamps and consuming time with our loved ones, today, however, it has pivoted into a procession of noisy firecrackers, dazzling lights, and everything that adds to environmental contamination and misuse of energy. People get wounded, pets get frightened, the air gets contaminated, and there are long-term impacts of such irresponsible activities. Nevertheless, it is not the end of the world yet. If we all strive a little, we can commemorate the festival of lights in a clean and green manner without jeopardizing the revelries. Therefore, we bring you some easy yet practical methods to observe a green Diwali in 2020.

  1. Indulge in the Glimmer of Conventional Diyas – What is the festival of lights in the absence of diyas! So, why not head back to the conventional method this year and embellish your residence with the zeal and glare of earthen diyas or traditional oil lamps, candles, and lanterns? It will indeed be an exciting venture for starters to ignite candles and diyas with your treasured ones and set them all around your residence. You will also be preserving the energy required to illuminate ornamental electric luminance and LED lamps. In addition, you will also be illuminating the lives of people whose income relies on producing and vending diyas. This is what the essence of the festival is all about.
  2. A No-Crackers Diwali – Enjoying fireworks is crucial to the exhilaration of Diwali. We all agree with that! However, the truth is that the toxic smoke and gases emitted by these firecrackers supplement the ever-increasing contamination levels. Furthermore, firecrackers are renowned for inducing injuries, mishaps, and health-related problems. The ideal method out is to commemorate Diwali without firecrackers. You can even go for the newly ventured eco-friendly or green crackers high on the enjoyment levels but low on the sound ones. So, basically, you won’t be straining the environment while relishing the thrill of blasting crackers.
  3. Greet the Floral Grandeur – Diwali festivities can’t be considered complete with the absence of colorful rangolis. While rangolis produced with synthetic colors might seem fantastic, but they are not entirely safe. Most synthetic colors include toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and our health. This festive season, how about discarding these unnatural colors and opting for some natural ones? We are talking about the use of blossoms that can provide a fabulous fragrance, beauty, and freshness to your rangolis. You can efficiently blend and correspond with various blossoms and utilize them to make remarkable Diwali flower decoration.
  4. Pick Green Gifts – No one can renounce that the custom of gifting enriches Diwali’s charm. People spend loads of time, effort, and money on choosing presents for their cherished ones. This year, take some time and ponder whether you are picking beneficial and eco-friendly Diwali gifts delivery in Delhi. For example, it would be an excellent idea to gift perennials to your treasured ones rather than firecrackers, chocolates, and sweets. You can select from a comprehensive collection of choices, like terrariums, bonsai, kitchen herbs, feng shui plants, indoor plants, etc. These make for memorable eco-conscious gifts. The argument is to spend lavishly on sentiments instead of unhealthy presents. Gifting a perennial is undoubtedly a method to commemorate a literally green Diwali.
  5. Avoiding Plastic – An eco-friendly Diwali will not be achievable until we take steps to observe a clean and green Diwali free of plastic. That is right; we need to say NO to plastic! Freeing ourselves from the clutches of plastic is not that difficult if you are persistent sufficiently. This festive season let us all pledge to evade employing all types of plastic. From gifting packs and gift covers to the containers incorporating the Diwali confections and inexpensive plastic ornaments, go for plastic-free alternatives.

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These methods may sound like straightforward and simple actions with no instantaneous outcomes, but honestly speaking, slowly and steadily, we will see the positive effects. As we all know, little water droplets undoubtedly create the mighty ocean.



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