A Guide to Vape and Vaping Equipment to consider to you buy

Vaping Equipment

Vaping Equipment is a more recent discovery, even though we have seen multiple types of equipment popping up in the market catering to the demands of the vapers. But as we see more people moving towards the vaping spectrum, there is a plethora of misinformation spread by some paranoid adults and media, leading to several myths on this topic.

With the new health-conscious lifestyle taking the world by storm, there’s a massive shift from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes and vapes.

Vaping is an alternative to smoking that uses an electronic device, which is usually battery-powered, to heat a nicotine-laced liquid into a vapour inhaled by the person.

The best vapes in the market are long-lasting and easy to use, such as those manufactured by Innokin.

However, before vaping, it can be beneficial to understand where they come from, how they work, the choices in the market and what they mean.

Structure of a Vape

The basic structure of a mouth-to-lung electronic device consists of 4 parts – the mouthpiece (also known as the drip tip), the Vaping Equipment cartridge or tank that holds liquid, the atomiser (which is sometimes accompanied by a clear tank and then called clearomizer), and the battery.

The taste you get from vaping dry herbs is also cleaner and better as opposed to smoking and that’s why we have reviewed for you the best portable dry herb vaporizers. Unlike smoking, it does not use high heat, which leads to combustion that destroys even the herb’s active ingredients. Such a waste, right?

The atomiser houses a coil that is power by the battery. On heating up, it converts the e-liquid into vapour which is inhale.

The atomiser has a wick that controls how much liquid can contact the coil, thereby controlling how much vapour is release to be inhale.


  • Very compact and easily portable.
  • Adjustable airflow at five levels
  • Excellent temperature control to within a degree
  • Heats up fast, in under a minute.
  • A smartphone app that tracks herb dosages
  • It comes in four color options.
  • Easy to keep clean

The Importance of a Vape Coil

The vape coil is similar to the engine of a car. It is the core of the product that keeps it running by heating and vaporising the e-liquid. The coil can be made out of different materials, ranging from kanthal to ceramic. Still, the most popular and trustworthy one in the market remains the Zenith coil (colloquially termed ‘Z coil’), a product of Innokin. It is available at two different resistances – 1.6 ohms for a cooler vape at lower wattages and 0.8 ohms for a warmer vape cloud at higher wattages.

Composition of e-liquids

E-liquids contain four core ingredients – nicotine, water, flavouring, and a glycol or vegetable glycerin base. The nicotine levels in e-liquids are far lesser than that in a combustible cigarette, and various studies conducted label it safer than cigarette smoking.

There exist over 7000 different flavours ranging from coconut to strawberry to choose from. Liquid glycerin imparts a sweet taste to the vape and is considers safe for ingestion by the FDA!

Get the most out of this fantastic vape once you install and use its smartphone app. Through the app, you can either manually set your temperature and airflow or use pre-programmed presets. The app also allows you to keep track of your herb dosage and consumption. Simply input the strain of potency and amount in the oven, and the in-app calculator can give you your dose per inhale per session.

Choosing an e-liquid

The strength of the e-liquid is the first thing to consider. Many vapers try to wean themselves off cigarettes, and choosing the appropriate nicotine strength is vital in this situation.

The strongest vape available contains 18mg of nicotine in 10 ml, and it drops down to 12 mg for light smokers. Vaping Equipment usually begin at stronger levels and drop-down strengths slowly.

When it comes to the throat hit or feel of the vapour in the throat, it is up to preference. A higher Propylene glycol content provides a harsher throat hit similar to cigarettes, and if a smooth throat hit is prefer, one should consider nicotine salts.

The last thing to deciding on might be the most difficult given the range it has – the flavour. There are sweet options such as a berry mix or cinnamon tarts and basic fruit flavours such as cherry or blueberry. For smokers, the classic tobacco flavour is also available.

However, recent studies have shown that smokers who begin Vaping Equipment non-tobacco flavours are more likely to switch out smoking completely.

Cleaning and maintaining the vape is also an essential aspect of switching to e-cigarettes. A manual or guide to doing so is usually enclose with a quality product. And it is recommend to follow them. The best way to know if vaping will work for you is to experiment -. Try different flavours and coils to understand the options available. And this will help pick out the best product for you!


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