4 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Repeaters


Having a strong Wi-Fi connection at home is a must these days. Whether you are within the router’s signal, staying out of range can be tricky. It is especially needed when you are working from home. Fortunately, there are Wifi repeaters that can widen the signal’s reach.

The router acts as the main source of Internet connectivity. On the other hand, the repeater relays the reception throughout your home. Think of it as a supporting device. As a result, the Wi-Fi reception will be improved and can be connected even in hard-to-reach places. Improving your repeater is possible for better connection. Here are four ways that you can do it.

1. Place your Wi-Fi Repeater at strategic places

Location, location, location. Like your router, the repeater must be placed on areas nearly out of range. The signal will not be relayed if you have the repeater within the same Wi-Fi range as your router. You may also need to watch out for appliances that transmit electromagnetic waves. These waves can disrupt the signal when a device tries to connect. It also applies to concrete, wood, and plastic materials that block signals.

Here’s an example. A router is placed in the living room. However, the signal cannot be reached in your bedroom due to the walls and appliances. Instead, you can place the repeater near your bedroom door so that you can receive the signal.

2. Connect to 5 GHz frequency

The 5 GHz frequency gives faster Internet speeds. Not only that, it is less hectic compared to the 2.4 GHz frequency. This tip will help if your router and repeater can connect to a 5 GHz frequency. The one catch here is that the signal range tends to be shorter. It will not be a problem if your home is small enough. But if you live in a bigger house, you may need to invest in multiple repeaters.

3. Reboot the Repeater regularly

Are there problems with your repeater? A simple reboot can do the trick. Sometimes, a repeater may not function properly after continuous use. While rebooting, the signal will be cut off for a moment, but it will go back up.

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Ensure that you do the reboots when you have a free schedule. Conducting reboots during your most busy times will disrupt your activities, especially at important moments. Do additional checking as well when you reboot the repeater with the router.

4. Update the firmware

When you still have a slow internet connection, it may be time to update your firmware. All devices need to be up-to-date for faster access and better security.

Hackers tend to look into signals with low security. It is due to the firmware not being updated to the latest version. If they find one, they can use malware to infect the signal, effectively hacking into your private network.

You can update the firmware by opening a tab on your browser, and you access the network. Next, you input the IP address of your router and repeater. Once entered, you enter admin credentials and find the option in the Settings menu. When you find it, click update. It can disrupt connectivity, but it will not take long. Learn more about piso wifi pause here.

Wrap up

Wi-Fi repeaters can support existing internet signals for better coverage. Once you know how to manage them, you can enjoy improved connections online.


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