Why Online Stores Should Opt for Developing a Mobile App?

Is your online store failing to generate the same revenue as earlier? Do you struggle to sell products even when your website is ranking in the top positions of SERP? If yes, then you need to switch towards m-commerce and provide your customers with a feature-rich mobile app, where they can easily buy products anytime.

The truth is having a web presence is no longer sufficient to drive sales to your e-commerce website. The use of smartphones among users has increased more than ever. No one has the patience to sit on a desktop to buy things online. On any given day, customers would pick mobile shopping over shopping from the desktop, mainly because it is more convenient and can be performed anywhere and anytime.

In saying that you can’t expect your e-commerce business to grow simply by having an online store; you also need a mobile app to captivate your target audience. According to Statista, the expected mobile commerce revenue by the end of 2019 is projected to surpass the $600 billion benchmark. If you compare this figure to 2014, mobile commerce revenue has boosted at a significant growth, and this trend is not expected to end soon.

It means that if your e-commerce business isn’t on mobile, you’re likely to miss out on big opportunities. To start with developing an app for your business, you, of course, need to hire a team of mobile app developers, considering you aren’t going to develop the entire app on your own.

However, before hiring app developers, take a look at some of the benefits of having a mobile app for your e-commerce business. These benefits will help you understand the significance of mobile apps in the e-commerce industry.

 Benefits of Developing a Mobile App For E-commerce Business

 Higher Conversion Rates

E-commerce owners crave for a higher conversion rate. Reason being, even a 1% increase in the conversion rate can bring the business of thousands of dollars. When it comes to conversion rates, mobile apps clearly defeat a website.

Customers are more likely to complete a transaction through a mobile app, mainly due to the easy checkout process apps offer. Furthermore, the overall interface of an app is more appealing than a website, which eventually encourages the customer to explore, thereby increasing the overall conversion rate.

 Push Notifications

Push notification is a feature which can drive exceptional business for your e-commerce business. However, this feature is exclusive to mobile apps only as websites don’t support push notifications. That’s another benefit of having a mobile app for your e-commerce business.

Using push notifications, moreover, you can notify customers about every critical information, be it discount offers, new arrivals, special discounts, etc. Furthermore, using Artifical Intelligence, you can also track customer’s behavior patterns to send customized push notifications, which cater to the needs of the user.

 Regular Customer

If a customer completes a purchase through a mobile app, he is more likely to come back in the future. Through a mobile app, you can reserve a permanent place in the customer’s mobile phone, and somewhere down the line, he will open the app to buy other products from your app for sure.

 Multi-Payment Modes

If you have been paying attention to the latest market trends, you may be familiar with Android Pay and Apple Pay. These are two of the native payment methods released by Google and Apple, and apparently, both tech-giants have been focusing on improving them.

Basically, these payment methods are highly secured and make the entire payment process extremely quick, thereby making the overall checkout process quick as well. All your customers would have to do is save their card details once, and they’ll be saved from the hassle of taking their card out, every time they want to buy something.

 Social Media Integration

Social media is a great platform to promote your business. However, when your customers promote your brand, instead of you, the odds of attracting new customers rapidly increase. You can integrate social media button into your app, using which customers can share products with their friends across different social media platforms. This will help you drive tons of sales to your mobile app, and nurture strong customer relations at the same time.

Note: These are a couple of benefits which mobile apps have over a website. However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect your existence e-commerce website and shift your resources towards building the mobile app only. When it comes to the e-commerce industry, both website and mobile app have equal potential to drive business. So, make sure to optimize both the app as well as the website for your target customers.

 How to Build an E-commerce Mobile App for Your Business?

Now, that you know how a mobile app can transform your e-commerce business, let’s take a look at the process of developing a mobile app, which caters to the requirements of your customers.

As we mentioned earlier, you need to hire a team of proficient mobile app developers who have the desired expertise to build a customer-centric mobile app for your business. To do so, compare different app development firms on the basis of the services they offer. You can also take reference from customer reviews as this will help you pick the most suitable team of developers as per your requirements. If you have a lower budget, look for offshore development companies as their development charges are comparatively less than native developers.

 Wrapping Things Up

The e-commerce industry is on the rise and the competition is getting extremely fierce. Customers have started to use mobile apps to shop everything, be it clothes, electronic gadgets, and even groceries.

In such a scenario, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and improve your online sales, you have no other option but to build a mobile app, which has all the customer-centric features. Hire an app development firm and let the professionals implement the latest market trends to build a feature-rich mobile application for your business.