What is the #10YearChallenge?

If you use social media, you’ve probably noticed a trend across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of people posting their then-and-now profile pictures, mostly from 10 years ago and this year.. The latest internet frenzy movement involves posting a picture of yourself that was taken 10 years ago (2007-2009) and placing it next to one that is taken in 2019. The challenge is also called #HowHardDidAgingHitYou, and we are hoping it is in the harmless self-deprecating way. Like many internet fads, the first major one of 2019 is a “challenge” that is not actually challenging. And also like many internet fads, it mostly acts as an excuse to post a photo of oneself.

Who started the #10YearChallenge?

As is always with social media challenges, it is a little unclear on who or what started the movement. But it has probably to do with Facebook’s feature that brings back old memories on your wall. None of this is particularly new — iterations of the 10-Year Challenge have been floating for years, and often resurface in January.

The best 10 Year Challenge memes are here

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