What is Mechanical Keyboard ? What are types of it ?

You must have heard about the keyboard, what is the work of it and what is used for it. Today we will tell you about the new version of Keyboard, Mechanical Keyboard, and why it is used and what are its features.

Mechanical Keyboard Even though you might have heard about it but let me tell you that this is not like a normal keyboard, it has a lot of features which you can not find in a normal keyboard. This keyboard switches under the keys, which Activated with the spring which provides high quality and makes its input accurate.

What is Mechanical Keyboard

The Mechanical Keyboard is a high quality keyboard that is made by Spring Activated Keys and switches, depending on the key switch keyboard users. An example of this is: This keyboard has a metal plate, a spring switch, when you press the switch then Stem moves inside Hunsing and it allows the switch to touch the metal, so that your word is typed.

There are three plastic membrane sets in many keyboards in which the rubber dome is switched under every key, when you press any key on your keyboard, then a hole in the membrane to connect the rubber switch up and down. And then it comes in contact with the PBC board present below and makes the Electric Circuit due to which the input goes to your computer.

How does the mechanical keyboard work

The Mechanical Keyboard is a different kind of keyboard because it does not have a membrane. Here, each Strike is handled by the Actual Mechanical Switch, which makes Slides Up and Down.

Each key has its own self-contained-system, which also contains a Key Metal Actuator and a Spring which is Depress and comes back on stroke after a Successful Strike in Un-pressed State There on the keyboard on Keypress.

If it takes a different kind of keyboard for doing one of the normal tasks, then the Mechanical Keyboard will take less time to do the same work.

Advantages of Mechanical Keyboard

In this you can remove the key key of your keyboard and adjust your own accordingly, and you can set your table theme according to your own, so that it will look stylish.

The Mechanical Keyboard gives you a facility so that you can press many keys at the same time and you can press all the keys on one go, so it will be very beneficial to those people who play Games from Keyboard.

Mechanical switches run for a very long time and are very poor, even after using for many years, it runs like a completely new keyboard and there is no key stuck.

You can manipulate the mechanical switch of a Mechanical Keyboard, compared to a normal keyboard, there are many different types of switch types and they have many features, some are active pointers in the switch, some include Additional Acoustic Feedback With them, you can also optimize these switches according to your own.

Just as the Mechanical Keyboard has some advantages, in the same way it has some disadvantages, so let’s know about them.

Mechanical Keyboards are very costly compared to normal keyboards, but you should consider it as an investment because these keyboards can be used for many years without any flaws.

There is stability in it due to excessive weight but there is trouble in taking it from one place to another and if you use it with your laptop then you will have trouble.

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The Mechanical Keyboard makes much noise compared to other keyboards, so you can use a Silent Mechanical Keyboard model for this, as well as using O-rings to make the sound work.

Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches


For the first time, it was introduced in 1983 by Cherry Mx Switch, with Cherry Mx Switch being one of the most successful keyboards.

Cherry Mx Red

It feels light in running. It weighs 45 grams and does not make any noise if you are going to use this keyboard for gaming and typing, it will not satisfy you because it lacks Tractile Feedback.

Cherry Mx Blue

It will feel a bit heavy while running, weighs 60 grams and it makes a lot of noise.

Cherry Mx Black

It will feel very heavy to run, weighs 60 grams and there is no sound in it running, it generates too much resistance, so it is not suitable for gaming and typing too.

Cherry Mx Brown

It is parallel to run; It weighs 45 grams and does not sound like running in it, it is considered good for gaming and typing because it does not have to be over emphasized.

Cherry Mx Speed

They feel a bit lighter in weight, it weighs 45 grams, there is no sound in running it, its activation point is the most important thing, so it is considered to be the best for gaming.


Together with Kaihua in 2014, Razer made a mechanical switch, which installed the switch in the Gaming Keyboard of Razer Blackwidow Series, after which Razer started its production. At present, there are two versions of these switches. Razer Green and Razer Orange

Razer Green

It feels great in running, it weighs 55 grams, it runs fast, it runs in a very long time.

Razer Orange

It is normal to run, it weighs 55 grams; they do not sound when running and they last for a long time.