Things to Eat and Watch while on a Trip to LehLadakh

Ladakh is an enchanting destination which every traveller wishes to visit. The Buddhist kingdom of Ladakh is famous for its breath-taking natural scenarios, palaces, gompas and beautiful monasteries.The land of Ladakh offers a unique serenity which you can’t find anywhere else in India.

Tourists come to Ladakh to feel that natural bliss, behold bewitching panoramas, enjoy thrilling activities and savour the Ladakhi cuisine. So, you should know what exactly you can see and eat on your trip to LehLadakh.

Things to Eat in LehLadakh:

Ladakh is home to steep mountains and frozen lakes. While going on such a trip, all you need is mouth-watering food to rejuvenate and energize. After all, you are going to participate in many exciting activities which require lots of energy!

Ladakhi cuisine is as unique as its landscape. Trust us; Ladakhi food is all you need to surprise your taste buds! The colour and aroma of these delicacies are enough to trigger your appetite. Feeling excited? Let’s know more about the scrumptious food of LehLadakh:

  1. Thupka:

Thupka is the first dish that you will come across during your Ladakhi trip. It’s the most famous food item in Ladakhi cuisine. Thupka is a type of soupy noodles with boiled seasonal veggies, meat like chicken or mutton.

It is served with tangy chutney to add a spicy flavour. Try it with the local bread known as “Khambir”, and you will love it! You can have Thupka in any street shop or café.

  1. Timgo:

The next favourite dish of Ladakhi cuisine is Timgo. Locals love Timgo so much that they can eat it anytime; be it lunch, dinner or snack time! Timgo is steamed bread which is complemented by veg or non-veg stew. You can spot plenty of vegetables in the veg Timgo stew. Give a wholesome treat to your taste buds by trying Timgo in any Part of Ladakh and Leh.

  1. Momos:

Probably nobody is unaware of the dish known as Momos. Oh come on, don’t say you never eaten Momos in your city.But, if you want to feel the taste of authentic Momos then, add Ladakhi Momos on your list. Momos are generally prepared with fresh dough stuffed with veggies, cheese and meat.Relish it with Ladakhi soup or chilli sauce to have a flavour some experience!

  1. Khambir:

Unlike many places of India, the bread of Ladakh is unique. If you also find the regular bread boring then, you should try Khambirin Ladakh which will surely change your opinion. Khambir is brown coloured pan shaped bread with a thick crust. Ladakhi people enjoy it with famous apricot jam or butter along with tea in the breakfast. Try it out to start your morning in a yummy way.

  1. Skyu:

Skyu is the best dish to beat the cold weather of Ladakh. You can find Skyu anywhere as it is included in the daily meal of locals. The thumb-sized dough balls are cooked with vegetables and meat along with the tasty soup. Vegetables like turnips, carrots and potatoes add a unique flavour to this dish. You will become a fan of Skyu after trying it!

So, get ready for yummilicious treats while going on a trip to LehLadakh. The place is surely a paradise for all the foodies!

Things to Watch in LehLadakh:

Now, you should know about the wonders of LehLadakh. The rare combination of unblemished natural destinations decorated with colourful flags and prayer wheels is something which one can only find in Ladakh. Your eyes will be glued to the charming views of this heavenly destination. Yes, that’s how LehLadakh lures the visitors!

  1. Lakes:

The deep blue lakes of LehLadakh are very popular among the tourists. The mountainous surroundings and white sand makes the panorama more beautiful. The beauty of these appealing lakes multiplies in winters as they turn into frozen white icy sheets. The main lakes to visit are Pangong Tso Lake, Tso Moriri Lake, Tso Kar Lake, Nyak Tso Lake and Yarab Tso Lake. You can also book LehLadakh jeep safari tours to visit all the main lakes without any hustle.

  1. Monasteries and Palaces:

Being a centre of Buddhism, LehLadakh is home to several beautiful monasteries, Gompas and palaces. They form a very important part of Ladakhi culture and heritage.

Apart from it, you will get very positive vibes in the soothing atmosphere of monasteries. So, visiting these shrines will help you in feeling calm even in a tight travelling schedule! The main monasteries and palaces are Hemis Monastery, Leh Palace, Thiksey Monastery, Stok Palace, Diksit Monastery, Likir Monastery, Spituk Monastery and Stakna Monastery.

  1. Other Attractions:

There are plenty of other attractions in LehLadakh. If you want to see the desert area then, Nubra Valley is best for you! Animal lovers can head to Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary or Hemis National Park for viewing various animal species. You can also spot white snow leopard there! Zanskar Valley is a perfect fit for spending time in the lap of nature. The small hamlet of Lamayuru will be a soothing escapade for capturing beautiful images away from the crowded attractions.

Go to Tiger hill or Kargil or Hall of Fame to pay respect to the martyr soldiers who sacrificed their entire existence for the country.

Worried about how to travel to so many places altogether? You can book LehLadakh jeep safari tours for a safe and comfortable trip. It will help you in reaching your tour destinations conveniently. Jeep safari is perfect for every traveller be it family, a group of friends or solo travellers.

Start your trip to Ladakh without thinking twice about it. The magic of LehLadakh will attract you even more after your first trip! After all, you deserve to enjoy fully, eat Ladakhi food, watch mesmerizing views and breathe in the pure air of Ladakh. Go for it!