Things to Eat and Shop in Kerala

The first thing that strikes our mind before starting any trip is the cuisine and artefacts of a destination. Being a travel lover plus foodie and shopaholic is an awesome combination! After all, savouring yummy dishes and buying loads of beautiful artefacts is a part of exploring a destination.

Kerala is a destination which can take care of your food cravings along with your urge to shop. In addition to showering bounty of natural blessings, the land of Kerala is also famous for its tasty cuisine and unique markets. Are you confused about what to eat and where to shop on your Kerala holiday? If yes, then we are here to lend a helping hand.

Things to Eat in Kerala:

The cuisine of Kerala is delicious enough to turn you into a foodie! You can find varieties of veg and non-veg dishes including seafood in Kerala.

Once after relishing on Kerala’s cuisine, you will keep waiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner time for the entire day. Here we have handpicked the best of Kerala’s food items:

  1. Puttu with Kadala Curry:

Let’s start with the famous breakfast item of Kerala – Puttu with Kadala Curry. Puttu is basically a cylindrical steamed cake which is eaten with Kadala or chickpeas curry.  This tasty breakfast dish is also very good for health as rice flour is used to prepare Puttu. Try it with boiled bananas and grated coconut to enjoy a delicious Kerala style breakfast.

  1. Dosa with Sambar and Chutney:

You must have eaten Dosa before as well. Savour it in Kerala, and you will know the difference! The authentic Dosa with Sambar and Chutney is among the top dishes of Malayalees. Dosa is a type of pancake which is prepared from fermented rice and lentils. We know your mouth is already watering by thinking about the crispy Dosa along with tangy Chutney and yummy Sambar.

  1. Idiyappam and Egg Curry:

Idiyappam is Kerala’s version of noodles made up of rice flour, salt and water. Its combination with lip-smacking egg curry makes this dish perfect. Non-vegetarians can also have Idiyappam with chicken or mutton curry. Malayalees love to savour this delicacy in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Idiyappam will treat your food cravings instantly!

  1. KarimeenPollichathu (Fish):

You can’t miss this traditional delicacy of Kerala if you are a non-veg lover! Karimeen is a special type of dotted fish which is also known as Pearl Spot Fish. It is largely found in the backwaters of Kerala. This flavoursome dish is prepared by baking the marinated fish with a mixture of lemon juice, red chillies, and other ingredients. It is wrapped in plantain leaves to make it more delectable.

  1. Ela Sadya:

Looking for a royal style lunch in Kerala? Try out Ela Sayda. It is a wholesome feast of Kerala which is purely vegetarian and served on banana leaves. 

Don’t be confused about where to start eating as it comes with appetizing dishes like Pachadi, Kichdi, Olan, Sambar, Vavaru, Thoran and many more! You will love the experience of eating on fresh Banana leaf. You will miss this dish the most after returning to your home!

One thing we can guarantee,you will keep munching all day without worrying about your diet plan on your trip to Kerala!

Things to Shop in Kerala:

We know your Kerala holiday won’t be complete without going shopping. Well, the markets of Kerala are the best places to know about their culture and traditions. Get ready to fill your bags with exceptional dresses, works of art, beverages, oils and aromatic spices in Kerala! Still confused about what to buy in Kerala? Read it here:

  1. Spices:

Kerala is the first place that pops up in every mind while thinking about spices. The rich spice plantation of Kerala makes it a hub of infinite spices! Choose from the fresh black pepper, cardamom, turmeric, cloves and many other spices as per your requirement. The aroma won’t let you resist buying them! Go to local vendors in Kumily or near Fort Kochi to purchase the spices.

  1. Tea and Coffee:

Don’t miss to buy famous tea and coffee from Kerala. The best aromatic varieties are the Nilgiri Tea, Kerala Kapi and Monsoon Malabar coffee. People from various places come to Kerala in order to buy pure tea and coffee. Go to the local shops to get them.

  1. KasavuMundu: Sarees, Dresses and Drapes

Buy KasavuMundu which is the traditional cloth of Kerala. This pure cotton cloth contains a typical Zari border. You can find men wears, drapes and beautiful sarees made up of this cloth in popular markets of Kerala. This cloth holds an auspicious value among Malayalees as they wear it on ceremonies, weddings and on special occasions. It is a perfect souvenir of Kerala for your loved ones!

  1. Handicrafts:

The handicrafts of Kerala clearly depict the creativity of locals.The markets are full of handmade products. From Kathakali masks to Coir products and from Nettur Casket to traditional Malayali oil lamps, there is a lot to purchase. You can get artefacts for decorating homes, using in festivities and religious idols as well.Feel free to stroll in the markets and choose according to your will!

  1. Jewellery:

Buying adornments and jewellery is the favourite task of women. The females will never miss visiting the jewellery shops no matter how tired they are. Yes, that’s the magic of jewellery! Add the fascinating ornaments of Kerala into your shopping list. You will find a wide variety of artificial, silver and gold jewellery here. Choose from the traditional heavy necklaces, elegant earrings, beautiful trinkets, and stylish bracelets.

Hence, Kerala offers you more than what you can even imagine. Everything holds a unique charm be it the cuisine, places or artefacts of Kerala! Start your trip to Kerala enthusiastically as you are going to love it!