A store display is the face of the store, it is an advertising platform, it is the first step towards friendship with the future buyer. In Dubai and in all dynamically developing cities, where people are in a hurry, you need to try to stand out, to generate interest and “invite to go” to the store or boutique. Exterior windows are the most suitable trade equipment for these purposes. Well, and most importantly – a good store starts with an attractive storefront.

The main positive aspects of a properly designed exterior storefront design:

  • word of mouth effect (viral marketing). People will start sharing and telling about your store.
  • a store display is a 24-hour advertisement, i.e. Once you have paid for the trade equipmentand design, you will create your personal advertising platform that will carry information about your store.
  • possibility of seasonal play. Namely, you will be able to present new products regarding the season or holidays. Trade mannequinsare the best advertising tool for a shop window if you sell clothes or shoes.

Features of Dubai store display

Open windows

Everything is in full view. Those. the buyer sees the internal area of ​​the premises, without going into the store. If the trading floor is poorly decorated or “stuffed” with the product to the eyeballs and so that it will be difficult to choose, it is better not to use such windows.

Closed showcases

From the hall separates them. This can be a banner or a plasterboard wall with a certain thematic photo or pattern, emphasizing the idea of ​​decorating the interior of the sales area and the goods presented in the store. Closed store display, as a beautiful, intriguing cover. The buyer does not see that in the middle of the store, but he is already interested in the goods in the shop window.

Closed-open display cases

This is an opportunity to force (show) the client the ability to “peek into the crack.” That is, in order to entice the customer to the store, you can combine the composition of the closed part of the display case with a small open area of ​​the sales area.

Material for the manufacture of interior windows

Basically, the materials for manufacturing are aluminium profile, MDF, chipboard and glass. In order to allow the buyer to view the product from the back side, mirrors are often used instead of the back wall. Sometimes, these walls can be made in the form of an economy panel with accessories (hooks or hanging elements).

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Today the market is a battleground for the consciousness of the consumer. To increase sales and attract customer attention, Through Dubai store display we are trying to influence the basic human instincts. The key to success is the activation of emotions through all possible channels of perception: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic (touch and smell).

One of the topics popular among marketers is the effect of color on the customer. When making windows, specialists take this into account first. So, red has a strong effect on a person. This is explained by the fact that it reaches the region of the brain, which plays an important role in the regulation of functions such as memory and emotional state, before the others.

Contrast is also very effective in store display. For example, on the general background of the color uniformity of boutique signboards of a different color, particular attention will be attracted. This approach was used by Adidas to design its own signboard in one of the metropolitan shopping centers, where on the same floor most of the sportswear stores (Bosco, Nike, Puma and others) have red signs. Against this background, the Adidas blue sign is perceived as a breath of fresh air.

When making a window display it is also worth remembering that a person cannot see all the goods offered equally. As a rule, the central position at eye level is considered to be the most successful when it is placed – approximately 150 cm (usually oriented towards the average height of a person).

In order to highlight the product on the surrounding background and give it importance, you can increase the number of calculations of the same type of products. You do not need to try to demonstrate the entire range at once: the quantity should not exceed 4 -5 species. This is evidenced by the golden rule “less is more”, which guides successful stores, not only in the design of windows, but also in the halls of sales.

To make the product more noticeable, you must correctly adjust the light. When exhibiting it, it is worth taking into account not only the color gamut of your display, but also the brightness and the hue of the searchlight, the light from which can both emphasize and “kill” the attractiveness of the product.

You should also take into account the time of day and adjust the lighting in the store depending on this: in the morning, a person is much nicer in a room with white, brighter light, in the evening, on the contrary, it is better to adjust the lighting considering the emotional state of the visitor, his “tired” nervous system preferably a soft and yellowish shade, reminiscent of the afternoon sun.

There are also so-called “blind zones” in which the placement of goods will not bring any lucrative offers or revenues even on holidays. One of these zones is the lower left corner and the space nearby.