Signs that your spouse would be cheating

If you are searching blog for signs that“your spouse would be cheating on you”, then obviously you have already found something that’s peculiar in your relationship or your intuition has sensed something is cooking. Every other person behaves differently in a situation, so there are no hard and fast rules to judge, take some time before coming out to any conclusion.

It is advisable, even if all the signals go against your partner, do collect proper proofs and if you are not able to collect proofs, hire a private investigator. They will be a great support in finding the realitywhile keeping everything secret.

Let’s discuss the most common signs of cheating you will notice first; changing habits such as a new commitment to the gym, new clothing, taking extra care of self, hate surprise visits, spending longer hours at work, business trips, less sex, short tempered, defensiveness etc.

If you are noticing one or two signs then it doesn’t mean that the partner is cheating, but your instinct is right if you started noticing morethan four to five major changes.

They take better care or change in lifestyle

It’s good to see your partner grooming but only if it’s not mixed with other signs of infidelity. If your better half has suddenly started exercising more and eating healthier there are chances that they want to look more attractive and the question is why? And for whom?

This looks sneaky but more often when someone is cheating they start changing their tracks, the appearance, looks, lifestyle etc which can include showering more often, using more perfume, or even trying on new fragrances. If you start noticing that they are spending more time in self-care which is not for you, then they are probably doing it for someone else.

Change in phone behaviour

Phone behaviour automatically changes, when there’s a new relationship. It’s a common tendency to have password in your phone, but it becomes suspiciousif your partner hides the password from you.

If you notice that the person who was not bothered about phone, now doesn’t leaves his phone for a second, it becomes obvious that there is something they don’t want you to see, a secret. It’s another obvious sign of cheating.

He starts talking about someone new

Have you noticed your partner and realised that a new co-worker or friend seems to occupy his thoughts often? Do they always try to find a way to fit them in their stories? If your partner is pre-occupied with someone so much that he can’t stop talking about them, something is surely wrong.

If your partner starts mentioning someone very often and suddenly after some time they suddenly stop doing so, it means that either they stopped their friendship because they realised that they are crossing the limits or its already moved into an affair.

They stop sharing once they are having an affair but when it’s the early stage of infatuation, they think it’s normal or innocent and they are sure nothing would ever happen, it’s very much like the person said this and did that etc. Remember that school time, the kid with a crush on his/her teacher, sometimesit’s just a harmless crush, but still be careful.

Lack of Intimacy/Sex

Intimacy or Sex is very natural when two persons are in a relationship. But if one partner starts detaching himself from it then that means, something is wrong. Can be a sign of infidelity and it becomes true if there were no such issues existed earlier.

If your partner moves you away when you try to go nearit means that there is an emotional or physical disconnection. Do try to sit and discuss with your partner, if they are not even ready to discuss or resolve the issues thensurely, they are having an affair.

They’re more demanding in bed.

This is in contrast to the lack of sex or intimacy, suddenly they become more demanding in bed just to cover up their affair. It’s something no one notices very easily but, if you will notice the body language you will realise.

If they are acting totally opposite or more lustful then ever, you may think and get happy but don’t let this overpower the other signs and your intuition that there is something suspicious.

Defensive Attitude

When you are in a relationship, you know the other person in and out including the flaws. You have accepted each other with these differences. The situation becomes weird when suddenly a partner start behaving defensive regarding these obvious behavioural traits. They start searching a reason to justify their affair, so their attitude turns into a defensive one.

Unexplained expenses.

If there are bills of the dinner, gifts you are not aware about, any odd charges in your partner’s credit cards, less money in your or your partner’s account, suddenly high credit card bills etc, can be a possible sign of infidelity. Discuss them with your partner and if you find the answers are not justified orsuspicious, then your instincts are right.

Your Intuition

The major thing, intuition. Your intuition will be the first thing to guide you, if it says that your partner is cheating on you, there are chances you are right because it’s a fact that most of the people who seriously suspect their partner is cheating turn out to be true. If you know something is not same and feel your partner is tempted towards someone else, trust your instincts.

It’s never easy to proof that a partner is cheating, to catch them in the act or confirm suspicions, people go to the experts who make it their life’s work to expose illicit relationships or affairs, and they are experienced enough to judge and find out the truth. But before reaching out to the experts, always remember it’s very common to have fights and arguments in arelationship.

There is no word known as perfect when it comes to relationships, so be reasonable enough to judge the situation and realise the limits of a healthy fight or something fishy and irrational before going for the last options or approaching private investigators.