Reasons to Visit the Ajman, Best Places To Visit In Ajman

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven separate emirates, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Emirate Ajman is small and becoming popular among modern tourists emirate. It stretches along the west coast of the country and is famous for the presence of many kilometers of sandy beaches. In recent years, more and more tourists have appeared here, to offering comfortable rest on the shores of the Persian Gulf.  our 3 star hotel is there to welcome every tourist in Ajman.

In favor of rest in Ajman speaks and its proximity to the most interesting village of the United Arab Emirates – Dubai, which is located only 10 km from the city of Ajman. Prior to Dubai can be reached in 20 minutes on the magnificent roads. By bus or taxi from Ajman. The local sheikh strongly promotes the development of tourism in the region. Emirate Ajman is not as rich as its neighbors, because no oil was found on its territory. Despite this, in the city you can find many interesting sights.

Top 10 attractions of Ajman

Historical Museum of Ajman

One of the most interesting educational institutions of Ajman is a historical museum, whose collection occupies the premises of an ancient fort of the late 18th century, built not far from the coast. It demonstrates an amazing collection of archaeological artifacts and historical objects, including ancient manuscripts, weapons and dishes.

Also in the museum you can see:

  • traditional Arab wells and elements of the irrigation system, which are located in the spacious courtyard of the museum;
  • wooden sailing boat dhow. From time immemorial, such vessels are made at the local shipyard;
  • recreated scenes from the life of the inhabitants of the emirate. The figures of fishermen, artisans, officials are made of wax.

The museum opened in the fortress, which is a unique example of local architecture, in the late 1980s. All exhibits have explanations in Arabic and English.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

While walking along Ajman, you should turn onto Khalid Bin Al Walid Street on the outskirts of the city, where the sheikh Zayed’s snow-white mosque, decorated with four slender minarets, rises. Past the mosque passes the route leading to the city. Sheikh, whose name is called a mosque, was a man who united the isolated emirates into one state and headed them. He ruled the emirate of Abu Dhabi. In his homeland, too, there is a beautiful mosque, named after him.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Ajman was built on the orders of the current leader of the Emirate Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi. According to rumors, he built this mosque for his father. The mosque, created in the traditional Arab style, occupies a huge space – 37 thousand square meters. m. At the same time to pray in the mosque can 2500 people. The sacral structure is famous for its rich interior, including huge lamps.

Watchtower Al-Murabba

The massive square-shaped structure is the Al-Murabba watchtower. Such buildings are not uncommon for the Arabian Peninsula. They were erected to protect settlements from attacks from the sea.

Al-Murabba Tower, which is worth a visit during the city tour of Ajman, rises on the Corniche and is its main attraction. She faithfully served the residents of the city for 80 years. It was erected in the 1930s on the orders of Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, then ruler of Ajman. For the construction of the tower did not use the stone, which in the emirate of Ajman cannot find, even with a very large desire. The building material was compressed coral deposits. The tower has an ocher tone and is in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. In 2000, the current Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi ordered the renovation of Al-Murabba’s building.

Fish market

There are many modern supermarkets in Ajman, but tourists are more interested in traditional food markets. The city has two bazaars: vegetable and fish. The latter is particularly noteworthy. During the trip to the fish market, located directly on the pier, the traveler has the opportunity to admire the fishing boats, from where they unload fresh catch, and choose for themselves freshly caught fish or seafood. Here is presented the entire edible fauna of the Persian Gulf: from giant shrimps and crabs to small sharks.

The first sellers in the fish market of Ajman appear at 6:30 in the morning. The earlier you come to the fish market, the more seafood will be available. If you want to try something traditional for these places, look for a seagan fish, which is very popular with local hostesses. There are also places on the market where fish are cleaned and gutted.

A lot of people gather at the daily fish auctions, which begin at 6 pm.

Track for camel races

The stadium in Ajman, where camel races are held, gathering hundreds of spectators, is called Al Tallah. It is located on the outskirts of the city near the E311 highway. Traditional Bedouin sport – camel racing – is popular in all the countries of the Persian Gulf. Runs of the desert ships are held on a special schedule, which is known in all local hotels. The schedule of races is also published in the local press. 

Usually, races are arranged during the cold winter months, usually several days a week in the early morning. Entrance to such events is free.

Summer races are never due to the stifling heat, which interferes with both people and animals. Breeding camels that are capable of taking part in races is an excellent business, bringing considerable income. One animal can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Royal Palace

The rulers of the emirate, with their entire family and servants, moved into a two-story structure erected in the traditional Arabic style not so long ago – in the last century. Prior to this, the Sheikh’s family lived in an old, strong and well-fortified fort, which is now open to visitors, as it has been turned into a historical museum. The new residence of the ruler of the emirate Ajman overlooks the main facade, decorated with an arched gallery, on a vast area, where various state ceremonies are often held.

Although access to the palace is closed, its territory is perfectly visible from the windows and from the roofs of the adjacent high-rise buildings. Next to the palace, a luxurious hotel was built, where guests can drink coffee, sitting on the balcony and watching the life of the inhabitants of the palace. On the fence, which surrounds the residence of the sheikh, installed video cameras. In the evenings, the building is effectively illuminated.

Red Fort in Manama

Manama is one of the three settlements of the emirate of Ajman, which can be reached from the capital in about an hour if you take a taxi.

The red fort was built during the reign of Sheikh Humaid bin Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi and was renovated in 1986 on behalf of the father of the current ruler of the emirate. The name of the fort, consisting of four interiors and originally two towers,

was given for the color of the walls: they are covered with red plaster. The third tower was attached to the old fort during the last reconstruction. Sandalwood was used to make beams supporting the roof.

The red fort is surrounded on all sides by shady groves. Next to the fortress there is a well, which provided residents of the fort with water.

Ajman beach

The smooth white sand and clear water of the Persian Gulf are the distinctive features of the beaches of Ajman, which extend 16 km to the border with Sharjah. It is an ideal place to relax for residents of the emirate’s main city and its guests. Our 3-star luxury hotel rises along the coastline.Even if you are not a guest of the hotel, you can buy a one-day ticket, giving the right to relax on any beach in the city. And it is worth spending a few hours on the seashore: a bunch of dolphins are often noticed near Ajman, which is not at all afraid of people and comes close to the beach.

The local city beach is still an island of peace and quiet. There are no noisy cafes, intrusive traders. Moreover, this beach is even devoid of elementary infrastructure. The absence of umbrellas, changing rooms, drinking fountains are not at all annoying, but sets up a philosophical mood. Private beaches are more advanced in terms of service. There are sun loungers, gazebos, water slides.


The delightful Corniche is the center of Ajman’s social life. Here they make appointments, go for a walk with family or friends, dine at luxurious restaurants and simpler cafes, roast meat on beaches, buy souvenirs. It is especially populous in the evening and at weekends.

Cornish is a four-kilometer esplanade with a view of the Persian Gulf. One of the attractions of the waterfront is the monumental watchtower of Al-Murabba.

Etisalat Tower

Ajman, like other cities in the UAE, is expanding and modernizing, changing its appearance every year. Numerous skyscrapers are being built here, where the headquarters of world-famous companies are opened. A new symbol of Ajman was the high Etisalat tower,

which partially resembles the minaret of a mosque. It is painted in delicate pink shades and surmounted by a huge sphere, similar to a golf ball. This is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. Similar, for example, is in Abu Dhabi. The Etisalat tower, a well-known telecommunications service provider currently operating in the Asian and African regions, is an indicator of progress and a construction boom that has swept the United Arab Emirates in recent years.

After visiting these attractions, you will fall in love with Ajman, the day is almost over and it’s time to take some rest in our hotel with light music and couple of drinks with sounding waves of the sea with a healthy crowd and professional hotel staff members on your duty….