Pros and Cons of Doing a Course from Hospitality Management Colleges in Kolkata

It is really not easy to choose a career in hotel management. There are multiple numbers of hospitality management colleges in Kolkata, but you need to choose the best one. There are pros and cons of choosing a course in tourism management.

Like any course, getting into hospital management requires in-depth study and analysis. There are numerous numbers of tourism management colleges in Kolkata but you need to choose the best one.

On the one hand, to do a course in tourism management requires a lot of money. On the other, a hospitality degree can give a significant bump to your salary. But that doesn’t mean you will jump into a course without knowing the upside and downside of doing a course.

Hence, you need to aware of the pros and cons of doing an mba in hospitality management from colleges in Kolkata.

Pros – Bump in Salary

Some say ROI in this course is not great compared to other majors. But the average salary varies a lot. And that’s not bad at all. The average salary of an executive assistant is Rs. 3, 30,000 per year. This can increase if you’ve got a degree in tourism management.

Cons – Bad Return on Investment   

According to hospitality/tourism features in 8 College Degrees With Worst Return on Investment. But it is also important to note that everyone’s situation is different and a person with a degree always out-earns a person without a degree. also points out that hospitality is one of the few degrees where it’s just best to pass.  Graduates in hotel management have seen just a 102% return on investment. One article also pointed out that a person without a degree will be stuck at the median salary for 30 years.

Pros – It May Help You Boost Profits at Your Hotel

Bad management can be detrimental to a hotel. Many world-famous chefs and hospitality experts have explored those disastrous behind-the-scenes situations at many hotels where people try to run the business that they don’t understand.

It has been seen that hotel managers make basic mistakes like overcharging for rooms, micromanaging hotel staffs, doing a poor job of general upkeep, providing terrible food, and ignoring guests.

If you don’t manage a hotel well, you lose a tremendous amount of money.  If you go to school and learn the tricks then it would help you to run a hotel in a swift manner. If you are able to boost profits of a hotel then that will automatically raise your salary.

Cons – It’s a Big Time Investment

If you’re like most people who can’t just quit work and spend a few years in college without earning money then you need to take courses at night and weekends. That will take a toll on you.

However, if you’re planning to leave the job and start studying then you have to shelf out a certain amount of money for college. It’s a financial downside for you. That decision many don’t like to take.

Pros – Ownership May Provide Tuition Benefits

There are tourism management colleges in Kolkata that have ties with hotels which value education. You need to find hotels that offer tuition fees to their employees. You may even reach out to the ownership at your current hotel about such program.

Cons – Ownership May Not Care About Your Education

Hospitality degrees actually aren’t regarded highly by everyone. Traditionally, employees flourish in this industry by climbing the ladder and learning the trade on the job in a classroom. There are hospitality management colleges in Kolkata that value your degree others may not.

Many hotels believe that degree in hotel management don’t matter at all. They believe you learn while working.

Whether a degree in hospitality is worth or not is a controversial subject. It is best to hear from you who pursued a course and working in a hotel. Did you decide to get such a degree or something else? What is your take on pursuing such course? It’s really important to know our views on this subject as many believe that you learn while you work. Hence, as an ex-student of hotel management and a present-day hotel employee, we value your opinion. Let us know our thoughts and ideas in the comment below. Or, if you’re still not sure about something else then also we’d love to hear that and know the reasons behind that.