Popular Folk Dance and Music of Rajasthan that should be on your bucket list

The state of Rajasthan is popular for its diverse culture, vibrant traditions and a distinct lifestyle. The folks of this colourful destination celebrate each moment of life with full enthusiasm and vigour. The diversified music and dance forms reflect the vitality of Rajasthani people.

The folks of Rajasthan never hesitate in showcasing their beautiful art, music and dance forms to the tourists. Art lovers often buy Rajasthan tour packages for witnessing the live performances of these music and dance forms.

Do you want to have a glance at these famous traditional forms before visiting Rajasthan? If yes then, let’s look at it:

Traditional Folk Dance Forms of Rajasthan: 

  1. Ghoomar:

 You must have heard the name of this dance form somewhere before. Being an internationally recognised dance form, Ghoomar has gained incomparable popularity not only in Rajasthan but other parts of the country as well. This colourful dance form dates back to the ancient era of kings and kingdoms.

Back then, there weren’t many sources of entertainment so; the kings and aristocrats used to rely on dance and music for entertainment. The Bhil community is the real originators of Ghoomar dance form, and it is performed by women in traditional Ghagra, choli and Odni. The folks still perform Ghoomar on festivals and special occasions like marriages. The graceful moves of swaying and clapping are very entertaining to see.

  1. Kalbeliya:

 Popularly known as “Sapera Dance” or “Snake Charmer Dance”, Kalbeliya dance form also received international prominence by UNESCO. A special tribal community known as “Kalbeliya” started this dance form.

Women dancers dressed up in Rajasthani attires move elegantly to form curly lines that resemble snakes. Men with traditional musical instruments like Dholak, Khanjari and Pungi provide the beats for the dance. You can enjoy Kalbeliya dance at mostly every part of Rajasthan.

  1. Bhavai:

 Bhavai is a very skilful dance form that requires practice and hard work of many years. Still, the women of Rajasthan amaze everyone by performing this beautiful dance with ease. In this dance, dancers show their moves while balancing 6 to 7 earthen or brass pots on their head.

Additionally, the dancers display their balancing skills by placing their feet on a plate or dancing on a sharp weapon. You won’t see any hint of pain in their expressions as they perform these moves. You can visit Jaipur or Bikaner to witness this mind-blowing art. 

  1. Kathpulti:

 This special dance is much like a puppet show. In Kathpulti dance, you won’t see any real dancers dancing in front of you. Instead, the artists hide behind the curtains and control the moves of beautiful wooden dolls with the help of strings.

Created by Bhat tribes hundreds of centuries ago, this dance form still entertains the tourists in Rajasthan. The artists also produce the voices of these puppets to make the performance lively.

  1. KachhiGhodi:

 KacchiGhodi dance is a popular dance form performed by men in traditional costumes. It represents the tales of Bandits and Shekhawati region. The dancers wear huge puppets of horses and depict mock fights with the help of swords.

These puppet horses are colourful enough to capture the attention of every bystander. They spice up theperformance using flute and percussion rhythm to produce the background music.

  1. TerahTaal: 

TerahTaal is one of the most ancient dance forms of Rajasthan. Very skilful artists of Kamada tribes perform this dance.  TerahTaal means thirteen sounds that are produced by thirteen Manjeeras or small brass discs attached to different body parts of dancers.

These discs create rhythmic beats as the dancers move. The performers also balance swords in their mouths and pots on their heads while showing these moves. That’s why only especially skilled dancers can perform terahtaal dance.

Traditional Folk Music of Rajasthan:

Just like the dance forms, the music of Rajasthan also describes the lively character of Rajasthani folks. Along with common Bollywood songs, you will also hear some unique tunes while strolling in the lanes of Rajasthan. Some of the famous music forms are:

  1. Panihari Songs:

 Panihari songs are originated from the daily struggle of women to search water in deserts of Rajasthan. In these songs, the women give a description of gushing water and rushing rivers. This imagination of unlimited water provides them strength to live the harsh desert life.


The lyrics of Panihari songs are mainly centred on the praises of water and rain. These songs reflect normal day to day lifestyle of these local women.

  1. PabujikiPach:

These popular folk songs are dedicated to a great person of the 14th century known as Pabuji. It is said that he did a lot of good work for the Bhopa community. So, the people pay back to him by narrating his heroic deeds in the form of songs.

These songs describe the humble character of Pabuji and contain mainly his praises. To enjoy this musical performance, you should visit the areas around the Thar Desert.

  1. Maand:

Maand is one of the top folk music styles of Rajasthan. This music form is famous for its classical touch of different ragas. These classic songs are sung by the folks to describe the grandeur and bravery of great Rajasthani kings. Maand songs enumerate the gallant deeds of old-time heroes.

Folk Musical Instruments in Rajasthan:

The folks of Rajasthan take the assistance of some special musical instruments in order to produce traditional tunes. Every dance and song will become lifeless without the use of these instruments. The main folk music instruments of Rajasthan are:

Stringed Instruments: Ektara, Sarangi, Morchang, Kamayacha and Rawanhattha.

Percussion Instruments: Dhols, Nagaras, and Damrus of varied sizes and shapes.

Bag Pipes and Flutes:Been, Poongi, Tarpi, Shehnai, Algoza and Bankia.

Traditional Instruments: Jantar, Baara, Ghoralio, Garasiyas, Thali and Jaltall.

These musical instruments infuse life into every folk performance of Rajasthan.

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