Meaning of “Apna Time Ayega” | Gully Boy | Lyrics & Translations

With the announcement of a number of Bollywood titles, it is clear 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Bollywood movie fans. After the controversial release of “The Accidental Prime Minister,” now all eyes are set on Ranveer Singh and Ali Bhatt starrer Gully Boy.

After watchingit’s teaser and trailer, fans are now more desperate to know more and see more of Ranveer’s acting in this movie. Makers of the Gully Boy have recently launched the first track of the film, which is now become a latest Bollywood news.

What’s this song “Apna Time Aayega” ?

“Apna Time Ayega,” if you have been listening to the “Asli hip-hop” from the trailer of the film on repeat, you are going to love “apna time ayega,” even more.

The song is talking about everyone who dares to chase their dream and works to make it come true. Even when people around them, try to bring them down. Ranveer gets to show his rapping skills.Youngsters are also loving his performance, which is certainly raising their expectations from the movie.

What’s the meaning of “apna time ayega”

DIVINE &AnkurTewari wrote the lyrics of this song,

which was then crooned by the lead actor of the film – Ranveer Singh. Just by listening it for the first time, one can feel the emotions hidden inside the song.

“Tunanga hi tohaayahai, Kya ghantalekarjayega” meaning you came to this world with nothing, you are going to leave this world with nothing. Then what are you scared of, you came with nothing, you are going to lose nothing. Then why are you scared of trying.

The song is talking about those who dream of making it big in their life. The song is talking about hard work and how hard work always pays back.

“Jitna tune boyahai, Tuutna hi tohkhaayega.” You’ll get what you have worked for, you can’t achieve your dreams without hard work.

“Aisa mera khwaab hai, Jo dar ko bhi sataayega. Zinda mera khwab, Ab kaise tu dafnayega.” Believing in your dream is also important. You have to believe that your dream is achievable. You can get whatever, once you set your mind on it and starts working to achieve it. Only then you will able to get above from all the criticism that tries to pull you back down from achieving your dream.

All the pages of bollywood news and gossip are talking about Ranveer’s mind-wobbling performance, his voice and his rap flow making it a latest bollywood news.

For fans of hip-hop in Indian and for the fans of Ranveer this sure is their new anthem.

What DIVINE thinks Ranveer’sPerformance

Knowing that the movie is based on the life story of Indian rapper and hip-hop artist DIVINE, it is important to know what he thinks. Ranveer has played many different characters in the past,

from being a hero to villain the actor has tried many different roles.

Seeing how easily Ranveer fits in the role of an underground rapper, DIVINE is more than just impressed. Seeing Ranveer’s dedication to learn the rap style has motivated not just his fan but DIVINE as well.

In Conclusion:

The song has already become the main point of topic in Bollywood news today. As a fan, I can say this song is going to be on repeat on my phone for several days now.

Kyun  ki apna time aayega