Luxury family holidays at Seychelles

Paradise islands, as if lost in the Indian Ocean – south of the equator and north of Madagascar. The bright underwater world, exotic nature, the famous Koko de Mer palm trees, luxury hotels, some of which occupy the whole island, impeccable service are a paradise for those in love with each other and the ocean. Book a beautiful Seychelles Luxury Family Weddings & Honeymoons.

Main cities

Mahe is the largest island in the archipelago, here is the capital of Seychelles – the city of Victoria, where all the planes land. The island is granite, with a mountainous relief, very green. There are about 70 beaches on Mahe, the most popular of which is Bo Valon on the north coast. More than 150 species of fish inhabit the local waters, unique corals grow.

Surf Island is a small and beautiful coral atoll located in the heart of the national reserve, 3 km east of Mahe Island. The waters around the island are an ideal place for sports fishing. More than 150 species of reef fish, sea urchins, crabs, octopus, starfish and many other representatives of the underwater world live here.

Praslin is the second largest island. Here is the unique National Park Valley de May, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List). The park has more than 7,000 famous coco de mer palm trees and a rare black parrot. Not far from Praslin is the island reserve Arid, where more seabirds live than on all other islands combined.

Silhouette – the third major island of Seychelles archipelago. There are no motorways here – only two paths for hiking lead through the rainforest to the mountains. The highest peak – Mount Dauban (740 m) is lost in the hazy mist of clouds, and at night it is reflected in the moonlit ocean. The island itself is surrounded by a ring of fabulous coral reefs.

The island of La Digue – it’s white beaches, completely clean seabed, clear water and lush vegetation. Life in this place has not changed in the past two centuries. The only mode of transport is oxen sleds. The visiting cards of the island are the beautiful bay of Sursed’ Argent and Cape Turci.

The Luxury of the country can be felt in its hotel which will give their visitors a true luxury experience with there beautiful sea viewing rooms with luxury comfort, here in Seychelles you will find both luxury hotels of world brands and small cosy family hotels. Each island is attractive in its own way, and therefore, if you listen to the motto of the holiday in Seychelles “Sitting in one place is a crime” and visit several islands at once, your baggage of impressions will be replenished with vivid emotions and pleasant memories.

Why go to Seychelles
  • Romance and wedding. If you want to play there a wedding with Seychelles flavor and live music, spend your honeymoon in a luxurious setting, update the oaths on the anniversary of a family holiday, spend a quiet and expensive vacation on the beach with your loved one and at the same time make a lot of beautiful photos. In general, any category of a romantic getaway is available in Seychelles;
  • Holidays with children. Family people with kids also loved a vacation in Seychelles. Many hotels have children’s clubs, where your child will be busy with interesting games with other young travelers, and will also be able to study Seychelles in an informative form with experienced mentors;
  • Diving. Since there are many coral islands in Seychelles and rich underwater life, the diving here is as five-star as in the Maldives. In addition, do not forget that everything is unique in Seychelles: there are fish, birds and animals that are not found anywhere else on Earth. It is for this reason that experienced and novice divers come to Seychelles and go snorkeling in one of the best places on this planet;
  • Trekking in nature and outdoor activities. This category is most suitable for me. I don’t like just relaxing on the beach and doing nothing. At least long. And I definitely need to go somewhere, see the beauty of the world, climb higher up the mountain. So Seychelles in this regard is just perfect: I came and rested a couple of days on the beach, and then you can go to the jungle for trekking, visit tea plantations, explore the local flora and fauna, visit small towns and villages. And when he was tired of learning the world, he returned to the beach again. Moreover, the beaches here are really heavenly!
  • Beach vacation. And finally, if you are just tired of everything and you want to have a nice rest on secluded beaches and swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and you have already been to the Maldives, then why not visit Seychelles this time?