How to start medical business?

Healthcare is the basic need for every citizen in our country clinics, hospitals medical camps are assisted by the doctors, nurses and other Medical staffs. India is the second largest populated country in the world. But we have a countable number of hospitals in the country and we have a less number of medical staff. According to the WHO India needs 80,000 more hospital beds every year to satisfy the growing population.

So This is also one of the issues facing in our country To meet this demand we need to have more hospitals in our country. Hospitals are of Two types Government And Private Hospital and further, They can have the small hospital multispeciality and general hospitals.

Following Rules need to be followed to start the hospital

    1. Hospital Location
        1. The hospital should be located where the transportation facility should be convenient and there should not be any other disturbances like pubs, liquor shops etc and we need a huge financial investment
    2. Hospital Facilities
        1. One must be set up the hospital as that there should be all types of treatment as A pediatric, orthopedic, gynecologic, oncology, pathology, imaging, etc with all the necessary equipment for all types of treatments required to the patients.
    3. Permission for the hospital
      • Land and construction
        • Hospital cant is constructed in the in the ¬†Agriculture Land To start Construction There are Several permission to be approved from local authorities and there are many documents to be approved like land agreement, construction design and planning etc..An occupation certificate will get after all process cleared.
      • Electricity and water
        • The hospital should take the Local Government ¬†Permission of the electricity to maintain the electricity bills and water bills They has to be maintained an only limited supply of water.
      • Sewage
        • A hospital should be well planned for sewage and drainage system And should take permission from the locality.
      • Fire and Health Licence
        • Fire license Should be taken from the Municipal Office to prove that if the cause of fire accident there will be no injuries to the human beings and healthcare should be taken to the patients.
    4. Hospital Planning And Infrastructure
      • There should be proper hardware devices setup
      • Doctors and patients records should be maintained
      • Should purchase all Necessary Medical Pieces of equipment


Hospital should have the Accreditation Certificate so that the Patients will have the Proper medication With equality and there will the transparency in billing and genuine treatment for the patients not only patients will get the advantage even the hospital staff will get the many advantages and Mediance Consultancy is the best Healthcare NABH Accredition Consultants in delhi.

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