How to Open Another User’s OST File on Your System

For every Exchange Server connected MS Outlook user, OST file is a known file format. One unique attribute of OST file is that it is system specific. It means that OST file will only open in the system where it has been originally created. Once it has been exported to any other system, Outlook will not be able to open that OST file. So, this characteristic often leads to an inconvenient situation many Outlook users face, that is to trouble opening OST file in another computer. As a result, comes the commonly sought after query, how to open another user’s OST file?

Do not worry, as this post will explain the solution to this issue to all the readers. At the same time, we will know the reasons why someone would like to open OST file in another computer. Before, going into the main discussion, have a look at some of the relevant user queries.

I appear in this forum again and this time with a new query, how can i open another user’s OST file. Some of the employees have left our organization and their account have been deleted also. But now it seems that we require the data saved in their OST files. We have tried to open those OST files in other system but failed miserably. We were wondering if there is a way to open other user’s OST file. If yes, then kindly inform us about those methods.

I have been assigned with a task of analyzing some OST files that may contain evidence of criminal activities. For that, I need to open those files in my Outlook. But now, I am facing the obvious problem, unable to open orphan OST file. Though I have tried some manual techniques found online, none of those worked for me. Since the matter is urgent, I do not have much time to waste. Can anyone tell me how to open another user’s OST file? Please recommend any technique that is fool-proof and reliable. I have no issue with paid applications.

Reasons Why People May Want to Open Another User’s OST File

Various reasons may create the situation when people want to open others’ OST file into their system. Sometimes, users need to excess Outlook data from OST file when they are not connected to Exchange. They may also come across some orphan OST files that require immediate attention. For all these reasons, viewing OST file items in another computer becomes a necessity. 

Know How to Open Another User’s OST File By Using Expert Solution

Since the mechanism of OST file prohibits it from opening in any non-native system, there is no manual method that can open it in another Outlook. So the only option remains for the users is OST to PST conversion. In this technique, Outlook OST files are converted in PST format and later, PST file is imported in Outlook. Since PST file does not have any issue regarding native or non-native system, it can be transported into any Outlook profile easily.

In order to turn OST file into PST, the perfect solution is OST to PST Converter. This application is compatible with OST files created in all Outlook and Exchange version. There is no chance of data loss or data corruption during this file conversion. Some of the amazing attributes of this application are:

Batch OST Conversion: Bulk OST files can be added to this software. Then the tool will convert all the added files one by one. Users do not have to go through the trouble of adding one OST file at a time.

Multiple Preview Options: Before conversion, users can select any item from the OST file and get its preview. For that, users can choose from any of the available modes including attachment view mode.

Remove Encryption: Prior to performing the conversion, This software also decrypts the encrypted OST files. The utility supports SMIME and OpenPGP encryptions.

Metadata and Hierarchy Retention: All the metadata of OST file objects remain unaltered even after the conversion. At the same time, it maintains the folder hierarchy of the source OST file.

Locate OST File: The Search feature of this program can also locate the OST file from the system if it is unknown to the users.


In this post, we have discussed how to open another user’s OST file. We have learned that to do that, OST file conversion is a must and OST to PST Converter should be the top choice of the users. This application contains various features and all of these are extremely beneficial to the users. Users can pick this software without any worry and have their “can’t open OST file” problem fixed easily.