How To Improve The Decor Of Your Country House

Do you thinking to remodel your country house, but you could not find inspiration about ? Well, you do not need to search more. In this blog, I will give you all you need to know to decoration country houses. 2019 is going to have some fantastic home design trends.  Do not import if you are not an expert or if you never decorated before. Decoration only depends on you want to express and how you do. Decorate your home for less with savvy ideas for affordable, impactful updates.

Decor to a country house is a little more difficult because it is necessary to mix textures, both in the construction materials (wood, cement, concrete or others) as furniture (wood, metal, ceramic or others) or textiles.

To start this project, you need to follow five items, that I will mention you here.

Less Is More

Have you ever listen to this before? I am sure that yes. Some years ago, the minimalist trend was in vogue, focusing on using fewer colors, pieces, and accessories. At decor it was not different; the decorators reduced the use of furniture, decor things, and combinations of colors. Because they searched to give more visual space at houses and have only useful things. Over time this decoration stopped being a trend, and some people forgot it. But I will revive it now.

 The philosophic minimalistic is so practical to decor country houses because lighten spaces and give quiet sensation. The cause of this is that it uses primary colors like white, black and beige. The trend minimalistic is so practical to decor country houses because lighten spaces and give quiet sensation. The cause of this is that it uses primary colors like white, black and beige. Also, it uses only the necessary furniture and decor elements to decorating without exaggeration.It is important to remember that contrast is your best friend. Usually, in the country houses, the walls could be hard materials like wood or rocks, so your decoration must be light.

Mix Textures

How I said before, one of the principal country houses characteristics is the mixture textures. So you need to meet the perfect balance between the construction materials and items for decor. For example, if your floor is light wood, need to create contrast. So you can use a tapestry with colorful design or dark wood.Combine all you can, but always follow your intuition. Also, do not forget to try out all the time. It is important because help you to refine your decor instinct.

Nature Is The New Black

Have you ever listen to that black combines with everything? Well, the same pass with the natural colors, but what I mean when I say “natural colors”? I refer to the color natural of things like the natural color of the bricks or wood. To home country decor the natural colors are essential because improve your decor and help you to use exists places like a brick wall or mahogany bakers. In case those items have a little damage, does not change anything, leave it with their wounds. They give it more particularity to things and make it unique. The small flaws create an effect more rustic and near to nature.Start to search new spaces that you can exploit for your decor!

Opposites Are Love

How I said before the contrast is so important to home decor as meet the love (opposites attract). Contrast helps to create definition and variety in textures, colors, and materials. Because who wants to use the same all time? Anybody! So you must search the balance by between the opposites, for example, combine glossy and muted, formal and informal, or contemporary and antique. In the rustic decor, the opposite generates a lot of possibilities. Do not repress your mind, leave to fly your imagination.

Rustic But Modern?

Yes! It is possible. The new eras and occupations demand new trends and more complete spaces, that is to say, places, where they feel comfortable and cover their daily need without losing style. So, the new tendency is combining rustic and modern, taking out the unnecessary things to portray their pleasures and style.

The secret is in mixing! You could use actual furniture with some decor home rustic or made natural materials.

The Simple Is More Beautiful

Have you ever saw a house that has all tendencies and looks messy? If you do not want an eccentric house, you need to center in the simplicity of the things. Before, decor country homes could be modest. The cause of this was the constructions materials. Interior designers thought the decor must complement the construction and look like it, but it is not necessary, the decor is for creating and give more life your spaces. So, you could use simple elements like light wood or white walls with some details of color.

Mix and experiment, but do not leave the essence of rustic.

Give Me More Chic

Decor houses is an art because you need to leave to fly your imagination, combine colors, create spaces, better furniture and creating a comfortable place, where state part of you. All people want to say “I am fabulous”; so your house could do it for you. To attain it only have some decor things to improve your country home, for example, golden mirrors, doorframes with a great design or peculiar stands. Remember that little details convert your spaces in chic’s places.

The Importance Of Home Decor Items

Are you the one who never finds the right ornaments? Many times people do not meet the decor item perfect and leave this part of the decor to end and, sometimes, they never do it. But, for your country house, this must not pass.

The ornaments are very important for decor country houses because they could be a little modest and it is necessary to minimize it with the decor items. It is difficult to meet the perfect complement for your house, but not impossible. To country homes could use gourds for your garden or rack. I usually buy Peruvian gourds because like it more and it has more diversity. If you are interested, enter Tinkuy.

Another ornaments decor could be pictures with golden frames to give elegance; photographic portrays of natural colors; little planters and other decor elements.

The clave is searching every time and never give in.