First Anniversary Ideas: 5 Unique & Romantic Ways to Celebrate

First wedding anniversary is always special as it marks one year of togetherness. All the love, tenderness and joy complete a full year and naturally couples look to celebrate the day in a big manner. So, the occasion calls for celebration that can linger in mind forever. There are unique and romantic ways to try and make the first anniversary extra special. If you could come with something good in the form of celebration, this will definitely delight the other half. That’s why you must take a step ahead in the right direction and plan something that is unique in true sense.

Here are some unique and romantic ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary –

  1. Plan a romantic getaway

The first anniversary is a perfect occasion to plan a romantic getaway and enjoy the day in the best way possible. If time and budget are a constraint, you can choose a location in the city, dine out together, walk in the park or explore new places nearby. Take a day off work, switch off the phone and spend the day talking to each other and savouring in every moment. You can order choice of food and dessert at a restaurant and get the most out of the day.

  1. Turn the clock back

Your first anniversary is perhaps the best day to turn the clock back, literally and take a trip down memory lane. Here, you don’t have to do anything extravagant – just revisit the places you did before being married, to visit the same spot you had the honeymoon in. The focus should be on rekindling the same spark that you had at the start of the marriage by reminiscing old days and places dear to you. When couples take time to look back at early days of marriage, this often helps them create sweet bond of love and great memories on a special day.

  1. Take a second honeymoon

When couples are happy, every day is like honeymoon. But if you think the other half deserves more joy on the first anniversary, you can always plan a second honeymoon, preferably at the same location you had the first one. This will bring the happy memories again when you visit the same spot and it will definitely delight the heart a great deal. With quality time together away from the chaos of the city, you both can easily rekindle the joy and take bows into the second year of marriage.

  1. Treat yourselves with gifts

It’s a good strategy to pamper yourself with some gifts on the special anniversary day and feel better for the rest of year. Couples are gift each other their favourite gadgets, dresses or rings etc and mark the day in a special way. The good thing about gift is, it stays longer in the memory for being always with the receiver. You can buy together your favourite piece of antique item as well to keep as souvenir and remember the day for full year.

  1. Throw a party

Hosting a party is one of the best ways to celebrate the first wedding anniversary. You needn’t spend a lot and hire the services of one of top event agencies as you can arrange things on own and call over close friends and people that matter. You can order foods and snacks from outside and this will spare ample of time to have fun together and enjoy the day like it should be. You can also host a surprise party and delight the better half a great deal for sure. This is how anniversaries are made special.