Digital marketing trends in 2019

Digital marketing is always in the picture whenever we talk about business growth and development. Nowadays, every company spends funds and time on digital marketing. In recent years, the number of companies offering digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing has also increased dramatically.

Due to the enhanced requirement of digital marketing, the business world is witnessing novel digital marketing trends and techniques every year. The businesses need to adopt these new strategies to match steps with their competitors. It’s not necessary that the same old digital marketing plans will work for you in 2019 as well.

So, you must have the knowledge of new digital marketing trends that are spreading in the world just like fire. Here are the latest trends of 2019:

Artificial Intelligence:

You can’t ignore artificial intelligence in a time where each and every task requires the assistance of artificial intelligence or machines. Companies are utilizing artificial intelligence to analyse search patterns and consumer’s behaviour. AI use social media and blog post data and help businesses in understanding the position of their services and products in the market. Adopt artificial intelligence in this year to accelerate the growth of your business.


Chatbots will continue to be a vital part of digital marketing in 2019. Chatbots are a kind of virtual helpers which communicate with users in order solve their problems. They interact with humans in a most natural way through text chat or voice chat. Customers prefer to seek the assistance of chatbots instead of humans as they provide accurate information promptly. Chatbots clarify all the doubts without getting irritated or frustrated.

The best thing is they reduce the burden of repetitive tasks from employees by automating such tasks. Many big businesses like Uber, Facebook, Starbucks, Pizza hut etc. are successfully using chatbots to satisfy their customers and getting feedback. You can also implement it into your business by contacting SEO companies in Delhi.

Video Marketing:

It is a scientific fact that humans attract more to videos than written content or audio clips. Data indicates that 70% of consumers see and share the videos with others over social media. This is not related to only YouTube videos but, people are also viewing videos over other platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Posting normal videos along with the live videos, animated videos and GIFs over the internet is a new trend. You can make people aware of your products, services and brands by posting good and interactive videos. Increased quality of phone cameras and other equipment at affordable prices are motivating companies to opt for video marketing even more.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is gaining importance in 2019. According to Forbes, “Influencer marketing should be honest and authentic. An influencer speaks about your product not because they are being paid to do so, but because they want to. Ideally, you want an influencer to endorse you because they find your company interesting.”

However, companies are paying huge amounts for endorsement of their brand by strong influencers having a huge fan following. It is a very effective marketing strategy as customers would love to follow the advice of their role models and easily rely on them. In addition to this, influencers or celebrities can deliver the message to a large audience on social media platforms.


Companies are choosing personalized content, emails, products and posts to get noticed in the market. Nobody wants to read the general computer-based response. Making the content unique as per individual’s requirement, history etc. will provide you with an edge over your competitors. Personalization is the latest trend of 2019 considering its value in improving customer relations.

Companies like Amazon, Netflix and coca cola are already using personalization for their development. You can log in to your Amazon or Netflix accounts to notice it. You will immediately see personalized banner, artwork, order, text and other things.

Social Messaging Apps:

Social messaging apps are becoming a medium of interaction between brands and customer in recent years. It is emerging as an important medium rather than just a way of chatting with your buddies. The numbers are making companies more aware of the benefits of these social messaging apps. Over 1.3 billion people monthly remain active on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

You can impart necessary information regarding your products and services to the target audience through various social messaging apps. For instance, you can tell people about some discounts, sales, new products etc. by sending general messages over these platforms. The best thing is you can send the same message to many users with a single click!

Good Content Still Matters:

Content marketing is still a very crucial part of digital marketing even in 2019. However, the emphasis is on the unique element in content now. Businesses are heading towards innovative and interesting language instead of using similar phraseology, common sentences and the same type of language. Content quality was always an important element but, now, the deeper focus is on understanding the target audience and generating content according to them.

For instance, if a company targets the teenage or youth audience then, they will try to write in a more cool way using slangs and quirky elements to connect with the audience in a better manner. Making the content as per customer’s psyche and interest is the trend of 2019.

Voice Search:

You must have knowledge about Siri, Alexa, Google and many other bots who instantly reply of your voice searches. The increasing usage of voice search is making companies re-plan their digital marketing.

Many major brands like Dominos are inducing voice search in their digital marketing strategies to cater to the needs of their customers effectively. So, customers can now order delicious Dominos pizzas through Alexa. You can find many good SEO companies in Delhi to get assistance in creating innovative voice search marketing strategies.

So, create your digital marketing strategies considering all the new marketing trends to be on the top!